Best Smell Proof Container and Smell Proof Pouches In 2021

Smell proof containers and pouches are frequently used by people who need to carry food items for a longer period of time. Also, people who carry strong smelling perfumes or medicines also prefer them.

Because perfumes, medicine and food items have a strong odor which might disturb others around you and leave a bad impression.

These smell proof packages have an active carbon mechanism that protects the contents inside by removing all traces of odor. The advanced mechanism of these containers allow them to absorb all smell.

User-friendly containers and pouches are those which are easy to carry with you. These containers and pouches have a handle and strap to hold for easy carrying.

Moreover, the containers and pouches are made of ballistic materials, making sure safety of items. Keeping in mind the security of valuables, the bags have combo locks whose three-digit locks make them more secure.

The containers and pouches have an extra layer not to allow the water to go inside. This feature keeps the items inside dry so that they can be used for a long period. If you are here to look for such bags and pouches then we have suggested some of the best ones below.

Each product has very good features making it convenient for you to pick one.

1) Smell Proof Stash Jar by Herb Guard:

Herb Guard - 1 Oz Airtight Jar and Smell Proof Container (500 ml)...
4,721 Reviews
Herb Guard - 1 Oz Airtight Jar and Smell Proof Container (500 ml)...
  • Keeps Contents Fresh for Months – The Premium UltraViolet (UV) Glass...
  • Smell Proof Airtight Seal Locks in All Smells – Have full confidence...
  • Discreet Jar and Box Design – Our subtle and discreet container...

If you are interested in storing your contents clean and fresh for weeks or even for months, the Premium Ultraviolet (UV) Glass protection will keep your herbs, spices, teas, and coffee clean and fresh for months.

The primary usage of Stash Jar is to keep things for the long run fresh. This Stash Jar can store up to one Ounce of stash with a large capacity of 500 ml.

As mentioned, this jar has Premium Ultraviolet (UV) Glass protection, which does not allow the sunlight to enter the pot and damage the products inside the jar.

Due to this modern mechanism used, this best stash container keeps contents fresh for more than six months and makes the interior area dry and out of humidity. 

Moreover, this stash jar has flexible dimensions, with 3-inches in length and width and 6-inches in height. The shape of this best smell proof container is Round.

  • For keeping the products fresh it offers airtightness.
  • No smell-release for a long run is fully guaranteed
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • It can be a good choice as a present to friends and family
  • Glass protection with Ultraviolet mechanism
  • It has good measurements and shape
  • Expensive in terms of price
  • There are no separate compartments to save items from mixing
  • Not suitable for travel


  • There is extra Ultraviolet (UV) glass for protection against sunlight and humidity
  • The size and structure of the jar is very convenient to carry.
  • No leaking of smell  
  • Manufactured from glass
  • Store and keep the items fresh for more than six months
  • Offers high resistance to external stimuli

2) Smell Proof Case by Herb Guard:

Large Smell Proof Case by Herb Guard with Combination Lock (Holds 3...
  • FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH DESIGN - The HG Container has a sleek and stylish...

When it comes to keeping your valuables and accessories together without worrying about the release of the aroma or items getting damaged, purchasing a large enough case is the preferred choice.

This bag is a smell-proof bag from Herb Guard which is precisely the first choice of every person going for a trip or vacation. It also comes in a lunch-box shape. 

Moreover, the black color, the high-quality materials, the tiny logo, and the outer zipper mesh division makes it more elegant. It also has a strong grip thus carrying it around is very convenient.

As far as size is concerned, this bag has 9-inches width and 6-inches length with 5-inches deepness. This size is enough for keeping up to 3 ounces (~85 grams) of herbs. It has chambers to keep the herbs isolated.

  • A well-known brand
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Discrete in shape and looks
  • The place for valuable things and dismissible barrier
  • Water-resistant
  • Five star rated by those who had already purchased on Herb Guard shop
  • Made from smell proof glass jar to keep auxiliary herbs
  • Outer combinational locks are a security risk
  • Expensive in price


  • Outer mesh and inner divisions keep the things separate and isolated
  • Comes with well-made combination lock for more safety
  • Distinct in design
  • Its internal is covered with Carbon lining for 100% smell-leakage
  • Resistant to water

3) Kulbi The Blackbox Smell Proof Stash Box:

Kulbi The Blackbox Smell Proof Stash Box - Triple Smell Blocking...
2,608 Reviews
Kulbi The Blackbox Smell Proof Stash Box - Triple Smell Blocking...
  • ⬛ BALLISTIC OUTER SHELL – Durable, waterproof, shock resistant,...
  • 🔒 HEAVY DUTY COMBO LOCK – Tough to crack, easy to use. When...

The Kulbi BlackBox is ideal for those who are constantly on the move and don’t want to carry their stuff in a brown paper bag.

It’s smell proof and protects your valuable items from dirt and smell. Its exterior is tough to crack and can withstand a nasty hit or a 15-foot fall without even losing its grip.

It provides 3 times more protection than its competitors through its 3-Layered Smell Filtration Technology. It is waterproof and shock resistant so you do not need to worry about the safety of your valuables at all, regarding a drop or fall.

  • Smell-proof technology
  • 3 layers of filtration
  • Beautiful modern design
  • No issues have been identified


  • A three-layer smell filtration system
  • Water resistant
  • Odor resistant

4) ONGROK Smell Proof Glass Storage Jar:

ONGROK Glass Storage Jar, 180ml, 3 Pack, Color-Coded Airtight Glass...
  • Set of 3 Storage Jars with Upgraded Lid! | Each airtight jar is the...
  • UV Resistant, Frosted Glass | The borosilicate frosted-glass design on...
  • Easy Organization | Designed with 9 color-coded rings and 6 chalkboard...

These odor-proof jars are perfect for carrying your stuff wherever you go. These 3 containers can be stacked one on top of the other to maximize storage space.

The jars are easy to open and close with a comfortable plastic seal grip. This jar is great for collecting everything, from coffee grounds to organic waste.

It has a beautiful airtight design! Their colors change frequently to add visual interest, so you can often find hidden treasures amongst the chaos on your desk. It has a sealed design which retains the odor and flavor of its contents.

Hence, much better than traditional containers or other glass jars.

  • Airtight containers
  • Stylish design
  • Reasonable price
  • Not spacious individually


  • Upgraded Lids with child-resistant features.
  • UV Resistant
  • Smell proof
  • Airtight seal
  • Featuring 6 chalkboard stickers and 9 colored rings

5) Alltrapod Smell Proof and Waterproof Containers:

Alltrapod - Large Capacity, Fully Smell Proof, Water Proof Containers...
  • STORE MORE: Fits perfectly in your pocket with a height of 3.84 inches...
  • A DEDICATED HOLDER: No more need for clunky, uncomfortable makeshift...
  • REAL AIRTIGHT CONTAINER: Our O-Ring sealed cap comes from over 50...

These water-resistant, airtight containers are perfect for adventurers and businessmen alike. They maximize storage efficiency and keep your goods safe. Their rustproof design can withstand harsh weather conditions.

It truly protects your goods from noses and outside damage due to its durable design and sealing technology of Alltrapods.

The O-Ring seal cap protects against ultraviolet rays. If food is kept inside, its warmth is ensured for a longer period. It also keeps harmful elements out of your stash.

These are very easy to use, regardless of where you live.

  • Convenient to carry while traveling
  • Pocket-sized
  • High-quality
  • Waterproof
  • Shatterproof
  • Smell Proof
  • Keeps goods safe and dry
  • Small size
  • Limited storage


  • Fits perfectly in your pocket
  • Reliable, durable and smell proof 
  • Safe, unique and comfortable design

6) Tightvac Smell Proof Jars and Containers:

Stash Jar Smell Proof Container – (100 ml, Quarter Oz) Premium...
  • AIRTIGHT SMELL-PROOF & ODORLESS DESIGN – Duido strategically offers...

While traveling, you need some containers to keep your goods safe, fresh and odourless. For this purpose, Tightvac is the best out there. It is portable, thus very convenient to carry along, while traveling as it fits easily in large purses and backpacks. Its weight is also reasonable.

It has a vacuum seal thus keeps goods safe from humidity for a longer period of time. It comes in  ten different sizes. It is the best to pick up for storing cigars, tobacco, and other medicinal stuff. 

If you want to keep the original smell of your cheese, you must pick up the Tightvac because it has the capacity to trap the aroma of goods.

  • Tightvac is manufactured by a branded company
  • Attractive design and shape
  • Portable and can be placed in a bag or purse
  • A very good option as a gift to friend and family
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • It has the best customer review on Amazon
  • Tiny in size
  • Expensive as compared to other containers
  • Not as durable as others


  • Best for retaining the original smell and taste
  • Manufactured by Tightpac America, which is the best brand for containers
  • Comes with 30 days Warranty
  • Tightvac reserves a high rank in best seller container 
  • Appropriate size and weight 
  • Tightvac keeps your goods dry, three times longer than its competitors
  • Perfect container for tea, cheese, and coffee

7) Odor proof Pouches by TRIJAX:

Smell Proof Bag - 11' x 6' Smellproof Odorless Stash Storage Pouch &...
2,539 Reviews
Smell Proof Bag - 11" x 6" Smellproof Odorless Stash Storage Pouch &...
  • YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SMELL A THING - This bag is completely smell...
  • OUR CUSTOMERS LOVE OUR BAG AND SO WILL YOU - Not being able to smell a...
  • THE PERFECT SIZE - Small yet large enough to contain all of your...

If you are seeking a smell-proof pouch, then you are at the right place. TRIJAX stash pouch is a smell-proof container that can help you carry your stuff conveniently without their unwanted odors being caught by prying noses. 

Carelessly or accidently, you may cause harm to the items inside your bag by agents like water, wind or a drop to the ground. But with odor proof pouches by TRIJAX you need not to worry because it will provide protection against all these agents and keep your accessories safe. 

It keeps the scent of your herbs and cheese fresh for a longer period of time due to its activated carbon technology which does not let the scent escape. Each TRIJAX bag has 5 resealable pouches with a combination lock with all the necessary instructions.

TRIJAX stash pouch has a measurement of 10.43-inches wide, 8.5-inches length, and 1.5-inches height.

  • The size of the pouch is decent
  • Multiple items can be placed inside the pouch
  • There is zero smell leakage
  • Easy to carry while traveling
  • Made of best quality materials and fabrics
  • 100% money back policy
  • Highly recommended by those who had used
  • Many items can be stored due to multiple interior pockets
  • Durable
  • The combinational lock system is a little hard to understand
  • Less space for each division
  • External pockets are not available


  • Traps strong scents and enables you to walk freely in a crowd without being noticed by prying noses.
  • Water-resistant
  • Good dimensions
  • Can hold up to 7.3 Ounces of weight
  • Easy to use as it has a simple design and looks
  • Many interior divisions for storing items separately 
  • TIRJAX pouch has combinational lock with it for better security

8) Puflax Smell Proof Stash Bag:

Puflax Smell Proof Bag Stash Box with Lock, Smell Proof Containers...
84 Reviews
Puflax Smell Proof Bag Stash Box with Lock, Smell Proof Containers...
  • PUFLAX STASH BOX COMBO INCLUDES. Premium quality Thick Eva Odor Proof...
  • PRACTICAL. Our Smell Proof Box IS Solidly Built Heavy And Durable...

Finding the perfect smell-proof bag is a headache sometimes. But do not be disheartened, Kulbi offers the Blackbox Smell Proof Stash Box.

This box comes with three layers of smell filtering technology to make it one hundred percent odor proof. This advanced technology also helps in protecting goods against bad weather conditions. 

To secure your goods from being broken, it has a ballistic outer shell. It also has a durable, water-resistant, and shockproof cover made of quality fabric to protect your expensive items. 

One more advantage of buying The Blackbox Smell Proof Stash Box, is its ample standard space to set up your goods in the order. The vast internal area of this box is fully custom-made, which allows arranging the items in a suitable manner.

The dimension attribute is elastic. It has a measurement of 8.86-inches width, 7.09-inches length, and 3.94-inches height, which is suitable for a box. The weight of the package is 1.2 Pounds which is not too heavy to carry while traveling or moving around.

  • Its Ballistic Outer Layer Shell protects the goods from damage
  • It can be regarded as a perfect fellow-traveler for an adventure
  • Fully resistant to weather conditions and water
  • The dimensions of the bag are pretty reasonable
  • Gives an elegant look
  • Sorting the items due to availability of many chambers
  • Three-digits combo lock
  • The zipper might break easily
  • The size is small


  • This bag has three layered protection of operative carbon 
  • It has the best review for its size, function, and quality
  • The bag has a lifetime warranty
  • This three layered protection of activated carbon also keeps the items safe from weather interfere
  • This bag has three digits lock to give full assurance of security
  • It looks like a lunch box, which helps to prevent undesirable attention
  • The interior compartments are used to arrange the items more appropriately

9) Level 1620 Lockable Odor Free Pouch:

FIREDOG Smell Proof Pouch, Smell Proof Bags with Lock for...
  • 【SMELL PROOF TECHNOLOGY】: Smell proof bag is made of canvas and...
  • 【COMBINATION LOCK】Keep your valuables safe and protected with the...
  • 【PROTECTIVE & DURABLE】: The hook and loop closures provides a...

Are you tired of looking for a smell-proof pouch, but got one that looks blunt and old-fashioned? This Level 1620 Lockable Odor Free Pouch is a very good option for you. 

It has a coarse-texture which is pretty attractive. It’d be difficult for anyone to imagine that you’re holding stash inside. It comes with many small divisions so that you can arrange all your stuff conveniently. Not only that, our pouch will keep your accessories dry as well. 

Feel no worry and confidently carry even your stuff which has a strong scent in it, while traveling, because the pouch is smell-proof.

This pouch is portable. One can keep all his day-to-day belongings like cell phones, id cards, key chains, and wallets in it conveniently. You can also set a three-digit lock to give assurance of security. 

The size of the pouch is 11.6-inches in length and 8-inches in height.

  • Big storage space to keep day-to-day accessories
  • Water-proof and weather-resistant
  • Distinct figure and rough-textured outerwall
  • Three-digit combination lock for more safety
  • A strong zipper outside to open and close the pouch comfortably
  • The wrist strap helpful for easy holding
  • The lock’s quality is questionable


  • Comes in both casual and modern design according to the needs of the user
  • A covered pocket deep down for stash
  • Measurements are 11.6-inches by 8-inches
  • It uses the TPU instead of operated carbon to stop smell leakage
  • The pouch is water resistant
  • It comes with a wrist strap thus holding it becomes even more convenient
  • The fabric used in manufacturing them, is good quality and tricolor in nature

10) Safe Locker 420 Smell Proof case for Herbs:

CLOUD/TEN Medium Smell Proof Case 8 inch Odor Resistant Storage Stash...
592 Reviews
CLOUD/TEN Medium Smell Proof Case 8 inch Odor Resistant Storage Stash...
  • Smell Proof, Airtight & Odor Blocking Travel Case: This smell proof...
  • Crushproof, Impact-Resistant Outer: Don't trust crushable, tearable...
  • Customizable Foam Interior: Enjoy the impact protection offered by an...

Safe Locker 420 Smell Proof Case is perfect for safely storing your goods. The outer hard case is watertight and airtight thus prevents the smell of herbs from leaking out.

It protects your plants from being exposed to UV rays. The 16x6x2 inch outer case and the jar’s airtight seal protects the contents from excess humidity and oxygen.

Both inner walls have padded rubber linings that provide impact protection and help absorb shocks during falls and rough rides. You get ample storage space that stores plenty of herbs and edibles.

The outer case has a built-in locking mechanism that prevents curious “little kids” from accessing the content inside and damaging them. 

  • Portable
  • Smell proof
  • Child proof
  • Spacious
  • Airtight
  • No safe lock available


  • Keep herbs from leaking their distinct smell
  • Waterproof up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes
  • Lids with child-proof closures

11) Sure Cure Classic Smell Proof Jar And Herb Container:

Sure Cure Classic Jar - 1/2 oz Smell Proof Jar - Herb Container, Dil...
  • 1/2 Ounce Total Capacity
  • Hygrometer & Thermometer - Each jar acts as its own humidor
  • Wet Erase Labeling System - Clearly label your medicine

Sure Cure jars can be considered as one of the best herb containers. They are easy to handle and operate, ensuring that your medicines or herbs are in the best possible condition.

The jar can hold 1/8th to 1/4″ of leaves, ground flowers, or buds depending on their size. It has a maximum capacity of half an inch.

Every jar is equipped with a thermometer and hygrometer to monitor humidity inside, as well as temperature outside, during storage. This ensures that everything stays in perfect condition.

Don’t let anxiety make you feel like you are running out of provisions. Instead, grab this container and get ready!

  • The jars serve as individual humidors
  • Odor proof
  • No issues detected


  • Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Labeling system for wetness erasure

12) Honeypuff Herb Stash Jar Smell Proof:

Stackable Stash Jar, 2 Packs Airtight, Waterproof, Smell Proof,...
  • ☞「Multiple Storage」 These new stackable stash jars by honeypuff...
  • ☞「Airtight, Waterproof」 These 2.8″ tall stackable storage...
  • ☞「Pocket size」 Made from durable aircraft aluminum, these...

We can all agree that herbs have a strong scent, and to keep the keen noses unaware of what you have inside your bag, you need a smell-proof container.

Honeypuff Herb Stash Jar Smell Proof is enough to fulfill these needs of yours. This container keeps your herbs safe and you need not to worry about their smell to scatter.

Made for multiple uses, the jar can store teas, various spices, coffee beans, and herbs. Portability makes it highly recommended as it can be carried around in public with no unwanted attention.

The product has the quality to protect the items inside from sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The size is 2.9-inches by 1.5-inches with 5.6 Ounces weight.

  • Comes in six different decent colors including black, green, and red
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable in use due to Aluminum alloy construction
  • Because of its stainless property, it’s sturdy and keeps the contents well
  • Airtight seal makes sure no releasing of smell
  • The stash is antioxidant
  • Little smaller than its online pictures
  • Tiny expensive


  • The capacity is 42ml and the weight is 48g.
  • One of the best stash container and simple to use
  • Portable
  • Airtight Rubber seal to stop leaking of scent 
  • Due to the construction of Aluminum, this stash jar is safe and shatterproof
  • Product of Honey rolling supplies, a well-known brand for stash jars
  • Easy to use due to simple design and construction
  • Hard to be broken
  • Can be carried in pockets
  • Best for travel

13) Soarken Smell Proof Bag with Combinational Lock:

Discrete Smell Proof Odorless Bag with Easy Use Combination Lock - The...
2,173 Reviews
Discrete Smell Proof Odorless Bag with Easy Use Combination Lock - The...
  • Odor Proff Stash Box - No Escape For Smells: Whether at home, while...
  • Versatile Smell Proof Case: The 8.5x5.5x4.5” large smell proof bag...
  • Completely Secure: Thanks to the simple combination lock, the smell...

Do you have herbs and medicine and worry about carrying them from one place to another while traveling? Soarken Smell Proof Bag with Combo Lock is the full stop to your headache

Keeping in mind the needs and demands of customers, the Soarken brand offers the best smell-proof container that fulfills all the requirements and urgencies of users. 

This combo bag has three internal compartments with a removable cover. The fabric used is elastic to store excess accessories. There is also a high-quality three-digit combinational lock and heavy-duty zipper. The bag also has a sturdy handle which makes it easy to carry around. 

The bag dimensions are: 10.24-inches wide and 6.73-inches lengthy with 2.83-inches of height. The item weight is 9.9 Ounces.

  • Awesome look, solid build quality
  • Lock is hard and secure
  • Top quality fabric used inside and outside
  • Comfortable handle to carry around
  • Appropriate size with multiple divisions
  • The advanced combo lock feature makes it safer from unwanted people
  • Best choice for those who often travel
  • Best customer review and best seller rank on Amazon
  • If you sniff the air coming out, you can predict what is inside
  • You need to remember the passcode you have set for combo lock


  • Consists of 8 activated carbon fiber layers, which does not allow the scent to break out
  • The bag has enough storage space with multiple divisions
  • More appropriate for short trips, gateways, home storage, and travel
  • Sparken Smell proof bag also has the foldable property
  • Manufactured by Soarken brand; a world-famous brand for building smell proof bag
  • The items inside the bag are highly secure due to the advanced combo lock
  • The outside fabric is water-resistant

14) Masterdam Glass Storage Stash Jar:

Masterdam Jars 250ml StashShield UV Glass Jar - Smell-Proof...
879 Reviews
Masterdam Jars 250ml StashShield UV Glass Jar - Smell-Proof...
  • NO SMELL screw-top lid made of BPA-free heavy duty plastic seals in...

StashShield’s Food Grade Ultraviolet Glass Containers offer the best protection, whether you are storing delicate greens, herbs, or cooking oil.

Its material is free of toxins and protects containers from light damage. These jars can be used to store any type of food materials.

These carefully designed items will keep your food fresh by allowing only minimal light penetration. This preserves valuable nutrients that can be damaged if they come in contact with oxygen for too long.

BPA-free HDPE lids made from heavyweight plastic are used to protect your leafy greens and keep them safe from dust, mites and bacteria. They also eliminate odors and maintain optimal freshness

  • UV protection
  • BPA free plastic
  • It is impenetrable.


  • Light protection at its best
  • Strong, BPA-free plastic seals
  • Store and preserve your herbs with StashShield UV Glass Containers.

15) Airtight Smell Proof Weed Container:

Honeypuff Stash Jar (42 ML) Smell Proof Herb Storage Containers Jars...
  • ☞Well Made Container: The storage jar made of aircraft aluminum,...
  • ☞Locks Seal: The stash jar with seal ring have confidence on lock...
  • ☞Premium Protection: Our airtight waterproof storage container...

Airtight Weed containers are made from high-quality aluminum. They are strong and durable. The Container will keep your herbs fresh, longer than a plastic container.

The jar can be used to store anything, from shakes and buds to dried plants, powdered herbs or plants that have not yet been smelt or odorized by the hermetic seals.

All jars are available in blue and purple. They provide maximum protection through an airtight seal between 2 solid aluminum-milled containers and a rubble-seal band which provides complete herbal protection.

  • Smell protection
  • Beautiful design
  • Waterproof technology
  • No issues detected


  • Airtight smell proof technology 
  • Keep your weeds safe and fresh
  • Designed intelligently

16) Stash Jar Airtight Smell Proof Aluminum Herb Container:

Stash Jar - Airtight Smell Proof Durable Multi-Use Portable Metal Herb...
  • Locks Smells: The stash jar with seal ring have confidence o lock...
  • Well Made Container: Made of aluminum, Height: 2.6 inches, Width: 1.7...
  • Premium Protection: Our subtle and smell proof herb container design...

Many people worry about the look and feel of a product more than its functionality. If you are like them, this airtight smell proof stash jar will please you.

This stash jar from OZCHIN, made of premium Aluminum alloy, will store your herbs and stash with ease and comfort. This airtight smell-proof herb container is available in both black and silver colors.

The container is made of sturdy and long-lasting Aluminum alloy to keep it stable and durable while using. If you want to hold it in hand, it will just fit in your palm, as it is made for you. The jar can also be easily put in a pocket.

While manufacturing these containers, the things that are kept in mind are sturdiness, airtight storage, and the freshness of herbs.

This smell-proof container has been available in the market since September 17, 2020. The package includes one black jar and one silver jar. The size of the jar is 3.54 x 1.57 x 1.57 inches with an item weight of 4.9 Ounces.

  • The jar has both water-proof and smell-proof attributes
  • Keep the primary feel and look of your herbs
  • Made of strong Aluminum materials
  • Product measurement is appropriate for those who are often on the go
  • Airtight property
  • Customers review with 4.7 stars out of 5 and best sellers’ rank
  • It might break if hit the ground strongly
  • Expensive in terms of price than its competitors


  • Portable and handily store in your purse, bag, and pocket while you are on the go
  • Available in both black and silver premium colors
  • Made of high-quality Aluminum to protect your spices even if fall on the ground
  • Made of airtight, rubber seal so as to be odor-proof
  • Comes with a 12-months premium warranty
  • Made by OZCHIN, a well-known brand for containers

17) Best Stash Box with SwagGear Locking Odor-Proof:

Blake & Lake Tree of Life Keepsake Box - Wooden Keepsake Box with...
  • Organize your home or office with a premium handmade Tree of Life...
  • The decorative box with an engraved Tree of Life design is a Blake &...
  • Give the Gift of Organization with a wooden storage box by Blake and...

This is perfect as a gift for anyone who enjoys weeds and has a sense of humor. The Tree of Life Stash Box & Bag Combo is the perfect organizing tool for any weedy man or woman. This makes a great stocking stuffer for stoners, white elephant presents, Hanukkah gifts, etc.

This stash box measures six (6) inches in height and four and a half inches deep. It also has space to store your munchies! Make sure to get plenty of your favourite cannabis products before you give one away. You can always order more from our secure fulfillment center at any time.

Additional features: This premium stash box is 6x4x4x4 inches in size and has a locking top, multiple odor-proofing seals inside.

  • Beautiful tree design
  • Keep your weed fresh
  • Some people might not like these kind of designs


  • Modern tree design
  • Perfect for storing weeds

18) Oggi 5pc Clear Canister Set with Clamp Lids Airtight Containers:

Oggi 5pc Clear Canister Set with Clamp Lids Airtight Containers in...
6,927 Reviews
Oggi 5pc Clear Canister Set with Clamp Lids Airtight Containers in...
  • ORGANIZE & HARMONIZE KITCHEN & PANTRY: Great for storing cookies,...
  • KEEPS FRESH & DRY FOR LONGER: Airtight containers with DURABLE...

You need to be extra careful with your cannabis stash if you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur. Our Cannascape Herb Storage Container is the ideal solution to preserve the freshness of cannabis for a longer period of time.

One swipe or “swoosh”, oxygen flushes out any excess air and locks in humidity. The chamber is sealed, so you don’t need to worry about it being used as often. The seal is made from BPA-Free components, high-quality borosilicate glasses and the large opening makes it easy to close jars.

To maintain the moisture levels in the canister, you just need to add water with heated stones for an hour instead of two hours. This self-cleaning function is great because there’s no mold.

  • Odor proof technology
  • BPA free
  • No issues detected


  • Technology that keeps your products fresh and odor-proof
  • Components are free of BPA 
  • The ability to self-clean

19) Smell Proof Bag by IDEATECH:

Smell Proof Bag, Smell Proof Stash Box, Smell Proof Containers with...
496 Reviews
Smell Proof Bag, Smell Proof Stash Box, Smell Proof Containers with...
  • ➤Odor Proof Bag - Advanced Thickened Carbon Linings which will keep...
  • ➤ Reasonable Configuration Smell Proof Container Sets - In the smell...
  • ➤ Water Proof Smell Proof Pouch - We updated the surface of the...

Looking for a travel stash container and didn’t find one? Stop, here is your thing. The best smell-proof bag by IDEATECH, which is the ultimate choice for people like you. The smell-proof bag can store your herbs, spices, and other items in an organized manner. 

With the best customers’ reviews, these bags are available in shops and Amazon since November 27, 2020. The latest scent proof container with more advanced features to store items fresh and unbroken. 

The bag is water-resistant with a storage panel to keep extra items. It also has proprietary foam with an operative carbon layer and ballistic fiber that keeps it both smell proof and safe.

As for measurements, the base is 12.01-inches in width, 7.99-inches in length, and 4.76-inches in height. These cases are available in black and gray colors, making these bags more elegant and decent.

  • Comes with a grinder, jar, a couple of joint containers, and three smaller smell proof baggies
  • Long-lasting lock and zipper
  • Sleek in figure and discrete design
  • The size is convenient and can store multiple items at a time
  • Available in solid colors (black and gray)
  • The bag is lightweight (0.62 Kilograms)
  • Solid anti-tear and removable Velcro
  • Not 100% smell proof
  • Not recommended for women


  • Waterproof surface for preventing the water to go inside
  • Active carbon layer and ballistic nylon
  • Shoulder strap for better holding
  • Combo lock for securing valuables
  • Consists of multiple divisions internally to keep things organized
  • A strong and smooth zipper 
  • Strongly recommended for men

20) Tightvac Best Quality Storage Container:

Tightvac Nested Set of 4 Vacuum Sealed Dry Goods Storage Containers, 4...
  • 4 convenient sizes; 24 oz. - 10 1/4"h. x 4 7/8" dia., 12 oz. - 7 7/8"...
  • Multi-Purpose Storage for all dry goods; coffee, tea, chips, cookies,...
  • Larger sizes have wide mouth design for easy scooping

Tightvac Storage Containers are a patent-pending product that seals tightly and keeps food fresh until you use it again.

This container is ideal for camping, at home, or on the move. It can be kept in a briefcase, bag, or backpack for up to five days. This will keep wet items wet and dry items dry.

It has a clip that allows you to store it in another bag. Grab one today, before they run out of stock!

  • Bags and backpacks fit easily
  • Dry and wet storage for multipurpose storage
  • Recyclable
  • No issues detected


  • Travel containers of the highest quality
  • NSF – Tested and Certified 
  • Airtight, Moisture free containers

Here Is List Of Well Research Smell Proof Bags.


To wrap up the whole thing, all you need is a stash container to keep your items, whether they are herbs, spices, dry fruits, or medicines and food, in an ordered manner and secure  from unwanted attention.

The containers, as mentioned above, are all odor-proof and also weatherproof. With them you can be worry-free from the smell spreading or changing the original taste of foods and herbs. 

For security purposes, most of the containers and jars have combo locks. By setting the password, your items will be safe and secure for as long as you want. To set the passcode for bags and containers, the initial passcode is zero.

Then you get the freedom to choose whatever three-digit code you want. All the bags are friendly, both in use and in carrying around. Most of the bags and pouches have a strap and handle to move quickly while traveling and going into public.

The design is so discreet that no one will notice when you are walking in public.


How do the bags and pouches become smell proof?

This is the most significant factor the people consider while choosing a container to purchase. All of the receptacles have an operative carbon mechanism. The sole purpose of this mechanism is to suck up the aroma and not allow the scent to release.

How is the quality of containers assured?

Quality is what customers look for. While manufacturing the pouches and jars, this feature is prioritized. All the pots are made of premium Aluminum alloy, which is hard to break even if the jar falls on the earth. 

As for bags, they are made of ballistic fabric, which guarantees both sturdiness and durability.

Is the container secure?

Safety and security are the mottos of these odor-proof containers. With the mechanism of a three-digit combo lock, all your items are safe and sound within. All you need is to remember that three-digit number and not share it with others. 

For more safety, the containers also have zippers, which improve the security of bags.

Is the container user-friendly?

When you are traveling along with your belongings and valuables, all you need is comfort and peace. The pouches mentioned here have a strap to hang it to your shoulder or to hold it in hand. 

The shape of jars and containers is round, making them easier to hold in hand while walking

How to choose size?

Choosing the right size is a pretty complicated job. You have to keep in mind your needs and items. Some containers have multiple divisions to keep things isolated, while others have no divisions and store things together. 

Both kinds of containers are available, what you need is to know the kind that is suitable for you.