10 Best Cookies Smell Proof Bags Review and Guide (2022)

Are you looking for new cookies smell proof bags? Cookies smell proof bags are the perfect accessory to any outfit. They’re made with high-quality materials and come in a variety of qualities that will match your desire. Cookies are delicious, but they can also be a bit of a pain.

They’re so good that it’s hard to stop at just one! But if you don’t want your house smelling like a bakery all day long, then we have the solution for you. These smell proof bags will keep your home smelling fresh and free of cookie smells while still allowing you to enjoy these tasty treats whenever you want.







Airtight Smell Proof Pouch For Cookies


Resealable Mylar Ziplock Bags For Cookies


Platinum Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag


Self Adhesive Cookie Bags


200 PCS Resealable Mylar Bags For Cookies


Smell Proof holographic Bag For Cookies


Aluminum Metallic Foil Bag for Food Storage


1 Pound Mylar Bag For Cookies


Smell Proof Cookie Bags (15-Pack)


Food Storage Bags For Cookies

These cookies smell proof shoulder bag is also great for traveling, You can wear them on your shoulder or across your body, so they’re easy to carry wherever you go! Plus, our cookies smell proof bags have been tested by professional athletes who say they work great at keeping the smell of their sweaty gear from leaking out into other people’s noses.

The cookies smell proof bags are the perfect solution. They’re made of a special material that absorbs any smells, so no matter what you put in them, they won’t stink up your room or car. And because they’re odorless themselves, you don’t have to worry about them stinking up anything else either!

You can use these for all kinds of things from storing weed and other small items to keeping clothes smelling nice while traveling. There are even some people who like using it as an air freshener! Whatever you need it for, cookies smell proof stash bag will do the job perfectly.

It doesn’t matter if there’s a little bit of moisture inside too – this special material is designed with water resistance in mind so nothing gets damaged when wet! So get yourself one today and see how much better life can be when everything around smells great! Check out our cookies smell proof bag review.

1) Airtight Smell Proof Pouch For Cookies with Hang Hole and Mylar Zipper Lock:

Airtight Smell Proof Pouch For Cookies with Hang Hole and Mylar Zipper Lock

Airtight Mylar Zipper Lock Bags with Hang Hole cookies Smell Proof Pouch, Food Grade Plastic, and Aluminum Foil. It is a new kind of storage bag, it can be used for storing food, pills, or other items.

The material is food grade plastic and aluminum foil. The bag is transparent on the front side, you can see clearly what’s inside. And the backside is made of aluminum foil material, which is durable and reusable. It has an ingenious tear mark to assist in opening easily and quickly without damaging the bag later

These cookies smell proof bags with Hang Hole Smell Proof Pouch are a convenient and economical way to store your cookies. These bags are made of high-quality mylar that is odor-proof, waterproof, and tear-resistant.

The resealable bag is easily closed and opened that can be used over and over again. You can heat seal after manual seal to achieve complete storage for your food. Perfect for cookies.

My Story:

Pouch For Cookies
Smell Proof Pouch For Cookies

I was so excited to find these mylar bags on sale! I use them for everything from gummies and seeds to vitamins and they work great. They seal up nice and tight, which keeps everything fresh. I also love that they help me organize my vegetable seeds for next year. You’re going to love them.

I’m always looking for ways to make packing snacks for my kids easier, and these little bag sealers have been a game-changer. They work great for sealing small snack packs of freeze-dried food items for the kids. My mom also likes to use them for arts and crafts.

  • Protects food- quality material ensures no leakage
  • Convenient plastic smells out of the bag
  • Recycled aluminum foil is durable and cost-effective
  • Super air and watertight seal for freshness
  • A clear front makes it easy to see what is inside
  • Strong aluminum foil interior protects everything from spills, mold, and bacteria
  • Reusable/durable, tear mark opening feature
  • mylar only on the side

2) Resealable Mylar Ziplock Bags For Cookies with Front Window:

Resealable Mylar Ziplock Bags For Cookies with Front Window

100-pack resealable mylar ziplock cookies bags with front window Smell Proof ziplock bag packaging pouch bag very easy to use for packing and storing, transparent window design allowing for a quick glance at contents inside, these resealable bags are made of polyethylene raw material, non-toxic and reliable material, you can put items in them safely.

very suitable for packing coffee beans, bath salt, candy, pill, sugar, rice, cookie, tea, nuts, dried fruit, snacks, and popcorn. You can also use this bag to store other food you want to keep fresh or dry. please make sure to close the zipper seal tight to prevent leakage and ensure freshness.

Size(L*W*H): 11″x6″x3″/28cm x 15cm x 8cm; Weight: 0.03lb/0.01kgs.

My Story:

I was pleased with my purchase of these storage bags. The bags themselves seem durable and well-made. The foil side and clear plastic window both appear to be sturdy. I bought these bags to put cotton candy inside as party favors and they were great! The price was great for the amount and they were easy to use.

I am satisfied with this purchase and would recommend these storage bags to others.

  • Safely store food items in airtight,
  • smell-proof ziplock bags
  • Eliminate the need to create your own custom containers
  • Protect the smell and taste of items
  • Store a variety of foods
  • Clear window for a quick view of contents
  • Reusable- cost-effective multipacks
  • No money-back guarantee
Platinum Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Cookie Bag

The PLATINUM SILICONE storage cookie bag is made from a premium food-grade silicone that is 100% BPA-free, is non-toxic, has no PVC, and has no latex.

The durable and reusable bag can be used to store anything you need! It’s also perfect for freezing foods or storing leftovers in the fridge. At home or on the go, keep your food fresh with this versatile storage bag!

The Pinch-Loc seal is a simple and innovative solution to the problem of single-use plastic bags. The silicone seal keeps food fresh – just pinch to close, release to open. Our reusable storage bag is made from FDA compliant platinum silicone which will not leach chemicals into your food or drinks. It’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe too!

My Story:

I’ve been using Stasher bags for a few months now and I absolutely love them! I joke that I took out a mortgage to buy two of pretty much every size, both unsure what I’d need and also swayed by the assortment of colors. The colors are fun (and very pretty) but my husband says (and he’s right) that it can make it harder to see what’s actually in the bag. I’ve come back to purchase more of the clear Stand-Up bags in the three sizes, but none of the flats. The flat half-gallon is closest to usable but it can be hard to get things in / out.

  • Made of high-quality platinum silicone material
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reusable & fold
  • Expensive
Self Adhesive Cookie Bags with Thank You Stickers

The Cookie Bags Treat Bags with Thank You Stickers are made of high-quality OPP plastic, which is odor-free and non-toxic, clean, and durable enough for your daily or commercial use.

These self-adhesive cookie bags are the perfect way to package cookies, candies, chocolates, nuts, or other treats for a special occasion. Each bag has a thank you sticker attached to it that can be used as a seal for the bag.

If you are looking for a cute, festive, and smart way to package your Christmas goodies, birthday treats or wedding favors this holiday season, these self-adhesive cookie bags are a perfect choice.

Our high-quality 3.9×3.9″ clear bags feature a white polka dot print on both sides of the bag and include 15 thank you stickers that can be used to add a personal touch to your gift packaging.

These small cellophane bags are ideal for cookies, brownies, small slices of pie, candies, and edible party favors.

My Story:

Self Adhesive Cookie Bag
Self Adhesive Cookie Bags

I was unsure about what size to get for my chocolate-dipped Oreos, so I hesitated before purchasing the 3.9×3.9 size. I’m glad I got that size though because it was the perfect fit! I loved how they included some extra stickers too. These little bags added a really nice touch to my favor boxes.

  • Custom-made for your cookies
  • Easy sealing, no need to lick the seal
  • Easy and quick packaging of your product
  • A pretty design that stands out on shelves
  • Bags are made with high-quality OPP plastic
  • Have a thank you sticker attached for easy sealing
  • No issue found

5) 200 PCS Resealable Mylar Bags For Cookies:

200 PCS Resealable Mylar Bags For Cookies

100% brand new and high quality. These are made of Aluminum Foil + Plastic, can’t be heated. The Size::13x20cm/5x8inches(LxW), the stand pp pouch front is plastic and the back is aluminum mylar foil with a silver color.

These cookies smell proof mylar bags are perfect for packaging food or small gifts such as jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, etc. They can also be used to store small items for all kinds of coffee, beans, candy, sugar, rice, baking, cookie, tea, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, and so on. But not for liquids.

My Story:

Mylar Bags For Cookies

I received the product today and it arrived earlier than expected, which is a huge plus. The size is smaller than I hoped for, but I can still use it for my business. It seems durable but I won’t know until I fill and try to seal it. I love how shiny it is and I love the window feature. I wish the seller had larger sizes, I would buy more at a bigger size.

  • 100% brand new.
  • Can’t be heated.
  • The front is plastic and the back is Mylar foil with a silver color.
  • Package food, accessories, cosmetics, etc.
  • Only in one color
  • Not for liquids

6) Smell Proof holographic Bag For Cookies:

 Smell Proof holographic Bag For Cookies

These are the best cookies smell-proof mylar bags 4mil super thick holographic Bags. We have 100pcs eye-catching gorgeous holographic Mylar Bags. They are made of high-quality material. 4mil one side, 100% super thick, and sturdy reusable bags.

It is perfect for storage party favors, candles, samples, jewelry, snacks, lip gloss, coffee beans, snacks dried flowers baking dried fruits biscuits tea nuts …etc.

The inner size is the workable size, in different sizes. With super strong ziplock, these sealable bags can effectively prevent water, rust, erosion, oxidation, moisture, etc.

My Story:

holographic Bag For Cookies

I was looking for some good coffee sample bags and found these. They seal perfectly with my heat press and it’s a good thickness. The price is phenomenal for the product and quantity you receive. Will buy it again.

They are beautiful and perfect for what I needed. I will definitely buy from this seller again.

  • 100% smell-proof
  • Durable
  • Unique holographic design
  • Keep your goods from smelling
  • Protects against moisture and pests
  • Freezeproof, durable food-safe material
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Some of the bags are in different sizes
Aluminum Metallic Foil cookie Bag for Food Storage

A package of 120 pieces of resealable cookies smell proof bags in total, sufficient quantity for meeting your daily use.

The flat mylar bags are made of quality mylar, durable and reusable. The aluminum metallic foil pouch is suitable for storing food or other items that need to be kept fresh and protected from light. The resealable zipper closure makes it easy to open and close the bag without having to use scissors or a knife.

You can put fruits, vegetables, snacks, and more into these smell proof bags. can be applied to protect your food away from air, light, odors, and moisture.

My Story:

Metallic Foil cookie Bag

I needed a product to keep the herb smell down from my stash, and I found these. They have completely eliminated the odor, and they’re extremely sturdy and durable. You can use the same one for a long time and reuse it, and it still seals perfectly. You could put pretty much anything in these.

  • Zipper closure guarantees a 100% airtight seal
  • Protects food from air, moisture, and odor
  • Durable and reusable
  • Ideal for fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc.
  • Keeps air, light, and moisture away from your food
  • Odors won’t interfere with the taste of your food
  • These smell proof bags are reusable
  • Only in ‎Black color

8) 1 Pound Mylar Bag For Cookies:

1 Pound Mylar Bag For Cookies

This mylar bag is perfect for food, dry nuts, cookies, snacks, dried flowers, tea, dried fruits, and more. This bag is perfect for packaging food and snacks, such as gummies, nuts, cookies, etc.

It can also be used to package items that need to be kept fresh and odor-free. The stand-up pouch has a heat-sealable flap on the top so you can customize it with your own design or logo.

It has a great quality at a competitive price. The design of these packaging baggies is creative and unique in the market. The outside dimension of this mylar pouch is 3.62×5 inches (standard size 3.5 g bag), expanded bottom size is 2 inches.

My Story:

I was looking for mylar cookies bags and I found these. I was really happy because it was the first time I ever received a package on time. I was even happier when I realized that the purchase was worth it because the herbs were held very nicely and securely, and the bags were easy to open. I would definitely recommend this purchase to anyone!

  • One of the cheapest options
  • Holds up well against moisture and odor
  • Creative design
  • Sleek & Modern
  • Reusable
  • Easy to Pack
  • Airtight Seal
  • it didn’t come packaged
Smell Proof Cookie Bags

This 15-pack of smell proof bags is perfect for storage of a variety of items without odors or moisture getting in or out – perfect for keeping herbs, spices, cookies, and other food items fresh and flavorful! The bags’ black color also keeps UV light out of the bags to keep your products fresh longer.

Our smell-proof bag’s heavy-duty zipper is made to last through demanding use. Perfect for camping and hiking trips!. This allows your herbs to breathe without drying out keeping them fresh longer than other storage methods!

Size: 11.8″ x 8.3″ (30cm x 21cm) / Bag Size : 7.1″ x 5.5″ (18 cm x 14 cm)

Color: Black, Silver/Black Zipper, Sliver/White Printing Ink Color on Clear Bag Material (Not White on Black or Other Colors)

My Story:

Smell Proof Cookie Bag

I’m really glad I bought this product! I was a little hesitant at first, but it works great. I’m using it to pack out TP when I go backpacking, and it’s perfect for that. Leave No Trace!

I bought these bags to keep my food from going bad, and so far they’ve worked great! The bags are a good size and can be re-used a bit – though you’ll want to check them for holes or tears, obviously. While I think they keep most of the smell in, the longer you have something in them, the more you open the bag, the more you fuss with it, and the greater chance the smell will leak a bit. But all in all, I’m really happy with this purchase!

  • Keeps food fresh for longer periods
  • Boosted durability and tear resistance
  • Fits snugly in backpacks, bags, drawers, etc.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • slightly less than the given sizes

10) Cookies Storage Containers With Tight Seal Lock:

Cookies Storage Containers With Tight Seal Lock

The cookies bags are made of high-quality materials, clean and safe, deodorize, and keep fresh and dry. It is equipped with a high-quality resealable design.

You can easily open or close them to keep them sealed. Small and portable bag, self-standing and foldable, can store and seal up various items, and keep them fresh and dry and not easy to deteriorate.

The materials used to manufacture the bag are polyester and plastic, which are harmless to the human body and environment. By using this kind of storage bag, you can prevent food from being contaminated by bacteria or other foreign substances.

It is widely used in the field of food packaging. You can use it for storing fruits, vegetables, cakes and so on. It will keep your food fresh and dry for a long time.

My Story:

I needed some cheap, sturdy bags for my daily trips to the gym, and these fit the bill perfectly. They’re not the sturdiest bags out there, but for the price, they can’t be beaten. I’ve been using them for a few months now and haven’t had any issues.

  • BPA Free
  • Collapsible/Foldable
  • Keeps food fresh and dry
  • Prevent food from being contaminated by bacteria
  • Durable design to withstand all your storage needs
  • No issue found


Cookies smell proof bags are a great way to enjoy your favorite treat without having the house smell like one. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of our favorites and provided you with tips on how to make sure these bags work for you.

We know that you want to show off your cookies with pride. If you don’t have access to these, or they are too expensive then consider getting some food-grade aluminum foil and baking them in an oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit before sealing them uptight!

We’ve already given the best options and reviewed them for you, so all that’s left to do is make your purchase!

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