8 Secret Tips To Make Your Apartment And Room Smell Proof

Why do people need smell proof rooms? Do they want some free, private space? Are they afraid their parents will catch them smoking? Is there any reason that they prefer an inside room for smoking over an outside room, even though they know the consequences? Or is there something else?  

how to keep apartment smell proof

These are the most asked questions while making your apartment smell proof. In order to answer these questions, you must be aware of both indoor and outdoor smoking. With outside smoking, you can smoke weed and cannabis at a place of your choice without fear of being caught.

The smoke has more surface area to disperse and disappears more quickly. But there is a problem with indoor smoking. It is sometimes difficult to have smoke when you are in an apartment and there is neither a free area to smoke nor any smell-proof container, and you have the deep desire to smoke. What are you going to do so that nobody else as well will know about the smoke?

Are there any rules that someone should follow when they are caught smoking freely inside a house? The following article will explain 8 different ways and techniques for maintaining a smoke-free zone and preventing the people around you from sniffing cigarette smoke.

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Steps to make your room smell proof:

1) Use an Air Purifier/Freshener:

make apartment smell proof

An air purifier is the best way to treat inside smoking as it eliminates harmful chemical substances from your smoking place and neutralizes the unpleasant odor caused by smoking.

Air purifiers remove up to 99% of smoking particles and offer a safe, clean indoor environment. In your room, the chemical substances of an air purifier mix with the particles already present in the air, changing its smell and reducing your chances of getting caught. By doing so, the odor in the entire apartment changes from unpleasant to pleasant.

2) Ensure a proper ventilation system:

A constant airflow via a ventilation system ensures you a safe place for your smoking and changes the odor of the apartment. A proper ventilation system ensures the supply of clean air and removes the dry air.

This system removes the smoking particles from your room and provides your room with fresh air that provides you a safe place and increases healthy air inhalation. It also expels bacteria, pollution, and an unpleasant odor.

3) Use Scented Candles:

Using scented oil is one of the best techniques in today’s world to avoid unpleasant odor from your apartment and ensures a fresh and pleasant smell. There are different ways to use scented oil, one way to use it in the form of a scented candle.

A scented candle not only provides you a dark romantic light space but also ensures a supply of pleasant odor to your room. These scented candles are used in a dark room to light your room and secondly to remove the foul odor of your smoking with the exchange of a fresh and sweet odor.

4) Ensure smell proof container:

Smell-proof containers are the best possible solution to minimize your room from smelling like cannabis or weed.

These smell proof containers perform the two essential functions: it provides your weed and cannabis a safe and ensures the smell does not come outside and secondly you can put your cigarette after finishing. This will instantly stop smoke and scent from spreading and be used as an ashtray for disposing of evidence of smoking.

5) Use a vape pen instead of a cigarette:

The Use of vaping is the most preferred way to enjoy smoking. It involves less scent as compared to cigarettes, and secondly, it is less dangerous. The best part about vaping is, it does not give a powerful aroma and quickly disappears.

A vape pen can be carried along and used in any place, either inside or outside. Furthermore, a vape pen can also be used around people who can’t stand cigarette smoking due to its less powerful aroma.

6) Ensure  cleans out  ashtrays and trash cans:

If you want to keep your apartment from permanently smelling like cannabis, you must ensure clean out of your ashtrays daily in a safe.

After cleaning out the ashtrays, you must ensure washing your hands properly and not more than singly in a week, and you must adequately scrub your ashtrays or trash can with a scented soap to avoid residue of permanent smell.

7) Keep away your hair and hit away from smoking particles:

You must always ensure that you keep your hair and hit from smoking particles as it quickly catches them that later can smell the whole apartment.

So, precaution is better than cure. Once your hair gets smoky particles, you must ensure proper washing to avoid further smelling the place from smoky particles.

8) Proper ensuring to minimize some other risk factor:

There are some other factors, if you ensure minimizing them they can provide you a safe zone for your smoking. These factors are as under

  • Always try to smoke outside your room as it reduces the chances of being caught
  • Ensure opening of the window while smoking as it exchanges the fresh air with dry
  • Make ensure the presence of a smell proof container for discarding cigarette 
  • Turn on a room cooler or a fan as it disperses the air 
  • Always keep your hair away from smoking as it catches the smelly particles which later can become the cause of your being caught.


Smoking inside contains a more dangerous thing of being caught than outside smoking and can make your whole apartment smelling like an ashtray or cannabis. So everyone, who has a habit of smoking inside, is always seeking some techniques to avoid the apartment from smelling like ashtrays.

This article presents the best possible solution for providing a safe zone for smoking inside an apartment. These contain the use of a cleaner, the opening of windows, ashtrays or trash cans, a proper ventilation system, the use of a vape pen instead of a cigarette, etc. These methods are worldly followed and have a better result.

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