Best Smell Proof Weed Bags Reviews in 2022

Weed has been around for centuries and, even though it is now legal in some states, there are still people who don’t want to be associated with it. If you’re one of those people, or you just want to keep your weed safe from the nose of nosy roommates, then you need a smell proof weed bag.

Our experts have tested, analyzed and compared all of the most popular brands so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small or large bag, we’ve got you covered! Keep your cannabis discreet and odor-free with one of these top-rated smell proof weed bags.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of smell proof weed bags and review the best ones on the market.

1) Helmet Head Smell Proof Bag For Weeds:

Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock + Grinder Card | Durable Water...
  • 100% SMELL PROOF POUCH – This patent pending product offers superior...
  • COMBO LOCK – We care about your safety and privacy! Keep your...
  • WEATHERPROOF – Having fresh herbs are an essential. The water...

Your search for a smell proof bag is over. The Helmet Head Smell Proof Bag For Weeds is the best weed storage bag on the market today. Made from high quality materials, this smell proof pouch will keep your weed fresh and odorless.

From hiking to camping to festivals, you can take your favorite herbs with you wherever you go. The double zipper allows for easy access and the waterproof lining keeps your stash safe from water damage.

This combo lock bag comes with an auto-locking feature which secures your cannabis. It’s 100% smell proof so no one will know you have any weed inside of it. It also comes with a warranty, if it doesn’t work for you they will give your money back.

  • Keeps smells discreet
  • Prevents unwanted attention in public places
  • Storage bags for keeping your personal belongings secured and organized
  • Lockable storage bags for extra security
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No issue found

2) Smell Proof Bag For Weeds With Combination Lock:

SMELL PROOF BAG with Combination Lock Odor Proof Stash Bag: The...
  • [SMELL PROOF & ODOR FREE] We use a Multi-Stage Odor Control system....
  • [LOCKING ZIPPERS & DURABLE DESIGN] Tough to crack but easy to use. ...

Smell proof weed bag is the best way to store your weed, tobacco, or other herbs. The bag is made with a Multi-Stage Odor Control system which will keep your product fresh and odor free for years.

The bag has a waterproof/odor trapping zipper so nothing gets in or out of the bag without you knowing it. It also features Activated Carbon Fiber Fabric which absorbs odors and moisture from the air around it keeping your product fresh and dry.

These bags are designed for durability, using high quality materials that will last for years to come! Lifetime Warranty!

  • The Smell Proof Back is completely odorless and leak-proof.
  • Protects your products from spills, leaks, and odors.
  • Zippers are a huge feature to make sure they’ll last for years!
  • Additionally you get a lifetime warranty with the purchase of any smelly proof bag product
  • No issue found

3) Airtight Smell Proof Weed Container:

Aluminum Storage Jar Portable Airtight Smell Proof Container Bottle...
1,084 Reviews
Aluminum Storage Jar Portable Airtight Smell Proof Container Bottle...
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE: Height: 3.5" Width: 1.5" Depth 1.5" (Inches)....
  • STYLISH DESIGN: Available in black and silver colors and are...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our Airtight Jar is made of high-quality aluminum. It...

The Airtight Jar is a stylish and effective weed container that will keep your stash safe from prying eyes. This jar is made of high-quality aluminum with a rubber seal to keep the insides safe.

The lid has a locking mechanism so you can carry it in public without worrying about smells or odors escaping. You can easily place this jar in any purse, backpack, or pocket for easy transport. An awesome gift for someone who smokes weed, whether it is for their birthday, Christmas or just as a random gift.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase, so if you are not satisfied we will provide a full refund.

  • Sleek design that is both affordable and highly portable
  • Durable design without compromising quality
  • Holds odor in containers
  • Sturdy design
  • High-quality aluminum build to last a lifetime with easy opening lid
  • Not absolutely air tight

4) Smell Proof Bag by Smart Stash:

Smell Proof Bag by Smart Stash - 100% Odor Proof Bag - Smell Proof...
  • 100% Smell Proof, 100% Protection - Rest assured knowing that...
  • Go Superior - What's better than the feeling of knowing...
  • Take It Everywhere - Heavy duty, built for daily use, nothing...

The Smart Stash smell proof bag is designed to be the best smelling bag on the market. It is made of a polyester fabric with carbon lining that keeps any odor inside, making it impossible for others to detect what’s inside your bag.

The Smart Stash smell proof bags are great for traveling, camping, hunting and more! These bags come in two sizes; the large size can hold up to 2 pounds of product and the smaller size can hold up to 1 pound of product.

We can use these bags as an airtight container for storing marijuana or other items in order to keep them fresh and free from moisture. As a storage container for food and medicine, this smell proof bag is also useful.

  • Keeps your belongings protected from all smells
  • Protects against insects which cause odors like moth balls
  • Comes with 2 large zipper pocket for accessories and small items like credit cards, IDs, cash, phone
  • Measures 8.5″ X 10.5″ which is the perfect size for carrying any treasure
  • no issue found

5) Large Smell Proof Case For Weed with Combination Lock by Herb Guard:

Extra Large Smell Proof Case with Combination Lock by Herb Guard...
  • Smell Proof Technology Built Into The Case Locks In All Smells - Have...
  • The Premium Smell Proof Combo Kit - Comes with 250ml Ultraviolet Jar,...
  • The Largest Smell Proof Case Available - The Extra Large 11 by 8.5 by...

The Large Smell Proof Case For Weed with Combination Lock by Herb Guard is the best solution for keeping your goods fresh. The smell proof technology built into the case locks in all smells and keeps your items safe from detection.

The Premium Smell Proof Combo Kit comes with a 250 ml Ultraviolet Jar, 5 resealable travel bags to keep your goods fresh! This bag is nearly 3x the size of other leading competitors and is 100% weather-proof.

If you’re looking for a stylish smell proof case that will last, look no further than this one.

  • Guaranteed to keep your goods fresh for 6+ months
  • The case is 3x the size of other leading competitors
  • Stay Fresh Jar System locks in all smells, no matter how strong
  • Keep your goodies locked in one place
  • Support for wireless charging (with special case)
  • Use the lock carefully

6) Travel Pack Sk9 Odor Proof Case:

Travel Pack Smell Proof Case Large 10" -with SK9 Premium odorless...
  • water proof zipper
  • activated carbon technology
  • smell proof

Travel Pack Sk9 Odor Proof Case is the ideal odor proof case for your traveling needs. The travel Pack Sk9 smell proof case is designed to be waterproof, making it great for all weather conditions.

This case has an additional Velcro seal that can be used to ensure that your items are safe from any kind of leak or spillage. The sk9 travel weed case comes with activated carbon technology, which will eliminate the odors and keep your items smelling fresh.

It comes with a free carabineer clip for easy carrying or attaching to another item. It also comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free carrying, so you can keep your hands free for other things.

  • Stay prepared for any situation with the smell proof acti-carbon lining
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and sound
  • Say goodbye to bulky, heavy luggage. The 10”x5”x5″ size fits under most airplane seats
  • Keep sensitive items like prescription medication safe
  • The zipper is a little narrow

7) Portable Airtight Smell Proof Container:

Airtight Smell Proof Container, Mini Portable Sealed Jar Water...
  • AIRTIGHT CONTAINER - Our airtight is equipped with FLS silicone...
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made of high quality 6061 special aluminum alloy...
  • BEST OUTDOOR ASSITANT - You can use our airtight to store medicine,...

Airtight Smell Proof Container is the best outdoor assistant to store medicine, tinder freshwater or other items for emergency situations. Made of high quality 6061 special aluminum alloy with excellent anti rust performance, rugged and compact, 100% water resistant, built to last.

Airtight containers are equipped with FLS silicone sealing rings to ensure an excellent sealing performance to keep the inner items away from air. Available in 5 colors: black/gray/blue/red/orange.

  • Protect your food from pests and rot
  • Keeps medications fresh for when you need them most
  • Safely store flammable liquids, fuels, and other items away from the elements
  • The perfect outdoor assistant
  • Sometime the rubber do a little issue

8) Dog Tested Odor Proof Bag For Weed:

New 2021 Smell Proof Bag - Odor Proof Bag - Dog Tested Bags - Best...
  • OUR BELIEF: Proudly designed in the UK, we've invested substantial...
  • ODOR PROOF, SMELL PROOF WATER PROOF: We've gone the extra mile here....
  • TRIPLE SECURITY: Tough to crack, easy to use. Each of our products...

The Dog Tested Odor Proof Bag For Weed is the best choice for storing your weed and keeping it fresh. Our bags are made from heavy duty 600D fabric with a carbon lining to keep smells at bay.

The triple-digit combination lock keeps your stash safe, and our waterproof zipper ensures that your bag will remain watertight even if it’s submerged. Available in 4 sizes, we’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a small travel size or something larger for home storage.

Proudly designed in the UK, our products are made with high-quality materials and triple security.

  • Proudly designed in the UK
  • Gives customers peace of mind
  • Product has been lab tested and is odour proof, water proof, and secure
  • Provides triple security
  • No issue found

9) Odor Proof Dog Test Weed Bag:

Upgraded 2021 Smell Proof Bag with Lock - Odor Proof Bag - Dog Tested...
  • OUR BELIEF: Proudly designed in the UK, we've invested substantial...
  • ODOR PROOF, SMELL PROOF WATER PROOF: We've gone the extra mile here....
  • TRIPLE SECURITY: Tough to crack, easy to use. Each of our products...

The smell proof cannabis storage bag provides an easy and discreet way to carry your marijuana, hash and weed. The weed bag is the perfect storage bag for anyone who wants to keep their stash away from prying eyes.

Made from a durable nylon material, these bags are water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. Each bag comes with 2 deep mesh pockets to store your passport, cash or even your phone.

Available in 3 different sizes with multiple color options.

  • Features 600D fabric, a water-resistant silicon zipper and internal extra grip fastener
  • Triple security provides increased durability from external forces that could lead to breakage or tampering.
  • Upgraded Velcro straps make it easier to secure the item tightly and more securely.
  • Keep things safe and hidden with this odor proof bag
  • No issue founded

10) Omerta Capo Smell Proof Pouch Dual Velcro Seal:

Dime Bags Omerta Capo Smell Proof Pouch Dual Velcro Seal | Odor Proof...
  • Water-resistant, durable, recycled polyester exterior
  • Lightly padded interior lining made from 100% cotton
  • Secure hook-and-loop closure

The Omerta Capo is the next level of smell proof bags. The Capo is a fully customizable odor proof weed bag that will keep your stash fresh and free from any unwanted odors. 

The Capo features two layers of high-quality carbon filters that are removable and rechargeable using any standard dryer. The outer layer has a velcro closure with an additional patch for customizing your bag or making it more discreet. 

With our carbon filters, you can enjoy your favorite herb without worrying about anyone else knowing what you’re up to!

The Capo has been designed with the highest quality materials available. It features a lightweight yet durable construction that can withstand everyday use while remaining discreet and stylish.

  • Triple level carbon filter to keep smell and smoke contained
  • Small and easy to carry design- discreet and great for travel or hiking
  • Customizable velcro patches so you can add your own flair
  • Rechargeable battery with USB Charging cord
  • No issue founded


The bottom line is that if you want to keep your weed safe and hidden, then a smell proof bag is the perfect solution. Just remember to take into account size and weight restrictions when choosing an appropriate storage option for both short-term and long-term use.

It’s also important to note that some bags come with adjustable straps so they can be used as backpacks or shoulder bags depending on what type of activity you’re doing at the time. If you need help deciding which one will work best for your needs. We hope you’ve found the perfect bag for your needs.

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