Can Dogs Smell Through Smell Proof Bags? Complete Guide

These are some of the most occurring questions in users’ minds, and in this article, I will try to answer all these with my best and research-based knowledge.

What is smell proof bags ?

what is mean by smell proof bags

Smell proof bags mainly refer to a new style of containers or bags containing smell and aroma to carry different kinds of personal items and cannabis without anyone else noticing it.

These smell proof bags work with different techniques, either by masking, blocking, or containing the odor inside the bag. Some of them are made from waterproof and heat-sealed material.

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Why do we need smell proof bags ?

After deeply knowing the smell proof bags, many people ask why they need to have these bags? As some of us know, stash/cannabis and some other items are banned in most parts of the world, and even keeping them inside your living space is a crime, and there is a dire implication of it.

So what will a person do if h/she needs to carry it? To avoid such difficulty, technological advancement has introduced smell-proof bags that can bring those mentioned above banned and personal items without the law enforcement agencies.

These smell-proof bags contain the aroma inside them and do not let them go outside. 

How does smell proof bags works?

how Smell proof bags works

Weeds and cannabis have a smell that can be traced even from a distance, and transporting it from one place to another is not impossible but a challenging task.

Smell-proof bags/ containers contain an activated carbon lining inside, which traps the odor and does not let it leave outside and thwarts outsiders guessing what’s inside. It helps the users to transport the stash from one place to another easily.

These carbon lining bags neutralize the odor with the help of carbon and a double Velcro enclosure and keeps the smell inside to the level of borders of bags.

Furthermore, these bags also contain advanced zipper technology, which is used to close it and works as a heat-sealed substance, and does not let the bag smell. Besides that, it does not allow airflow as it sometimes damages the inside items.

Can a dog smell through an airtight container ?

can a dog smell through smell proof bags

A dog is man’s best friend among all other animals. It has been used for years in history for detection purposes; it can detect explosives, marijuana, heroin, and even cannabis. It has also been trained to see these items and helps the law enforcement agencies to catch a criminal quickly. 

Dog’s smelling system is a far more advanced system than human beings and contains over 300 million olfactory receptors, which are used to detect and recognize any smell. They can trace a human and trace their location.

Now here is the same question, can it smell through an airtight container? If we consider the aforementioned natural qualities, then everyone shall go with a myth that a dog can detect any smell and recognize any scent. 

But the new technological advancement has failed the myth and has brought smell proof bag/ airtight container, which reduces the chances of getting caught as it does not let the smell escape through it.

It contains carbon lining, zip technology, and a double enclosure which has the smell inside to the borders of the bag and does not let it escape through it. But it would help if you used an excellent quality bag that has the potential to limit the dog’s smelling system and protects its owner from getting caught. 

As a dog is the most sensitive and loyal animal so we can’t easily fool it. But there are some commonly occurring mistakes. If we avoid them, we can cheat a dog and can protect ourselves from getting caught.

  1. You must wash your hands after you put the stash in your bag, as the dog can later detect the stash inside your bag from your hands.
  2. Always use a good quality bag.
  3. Don’t use any items for a long time.

The researchers have found out some tricks which must be kept in mind at the time of purchasing. As a dog has a far advanced detective system and can easily detect any herb or stash, so to fool a dog these things must be followed.


Some containers are made in a way to create a vacuum. The vacuum does not allow airflow and restricts the odor of the stash which prevents the dog from detecting it.


You always use good quality material that has the potential to store scent inside the smell-proof bag. You must avoid the old conventional bags which have tiny pores and allow the airflow and scent to pass through them.


There are lead boxes in the market which do not allow airflow and scent exchange. This quality does not allow the detector to find out what’s inside.


Dogs can search for herbs at a certain level. Above that, the dog’s far advanced detective system fails to recognize the inside items. The user must always keep in mind to store herbs at a certain level to avoid dog detection.


Some bags contain a carbon lining system that does not allow the scent to escape outside. The activated carbon lining system absorbs the scent molecule, lacking the molecule inside.


As I have mentioned, the modern technological bags have failed the dog’s detective system and help the users transport herbs from one place to another. The other intelligent features also reinforce pack absorbing functions.

But if you fully expect that these bags can bring you no harm and you can easily transport any cannabis, weed without the dog’s detection, it’s wrong. Because precaution is better than cure, instead of entirely relying on these smell-proof bags, you must avoid such kinds of banned things for your safe travel.

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