How Smell Proof Bags works | Complete Guide 2022

Keep your life in your hands when you head out in public. To do so, you will need smell-proof containers that will protect your items (foods, herbs, medicines) and ensure they remain safe.

But the question is how smell proof bags works? What is the mechanism used behind smell-proof bags? Do they smell-proof? These are the series of questions every user wanted to know the answers to. 

how Smell proof bags works

To answer this one-sentence question, you first need to know what smell proof containers are? what is the science behind? what is the need of smell-proof bags?

If you google the word smell proof bags, you will find plenty of definitions. But the most simple definition is:

“The container that is used to carry around herbs, medicine, food items, perfume with zero release of smell and odor.”

Uses Of Smell-Proof Bags:

uses of smell proof bag

In addition to disguising the smell of herbs or food, smell-proof bags can have other benefits. You will be able to protect your items from moisture and humidity. With a smell-proof bag, you can secure your stash from others (especially children) reaching out and tampering with it.

It will maintain the power of potency of your medicine and herbs. Most of the smell-proof bags are water-resistant. This feature will prevent your things from getting wet and damaged.

It is quite protective to use these kinds of bags. In simple terms, this means that even when your bag hits the floor from an average height, it won’t break

The Craft behind:

The construction of smell-proof bags involves specific techniques. Several companies manufacture bags using carbon activated technology, some using plastic like medical grade materials, others using hemp fiber to prevent odor from escaping, and some have unique heavy duty zippers and extra liners.

craft behind smell proof bags

If you imagine an activated carbon filter as a vacuum that absorbs smell particles as air passes through, you can also visualize it as a vacuum cleaner. When activated carbon mixes with odor molecules, they are confined and locked inside of the carbon holes.

Manufacturing companies sometimes use a thick, plastic-like material in their bags. In this material, odors are contained inside the container without soaking up the odor. As a result of this property, people reuse them often without being concerned about previous odors getting into the new items.

The bag will keep the new things with a new smell (basically the smell of new items), and there will be zero previous smell.

Textiles, fabrics, and furniture can be created with hemp fiber. Some bags even use hemp fibers to conceal the smell. Hemp offers resistance to the formation of mold and mildew. Both of which can cause odors on wet gym outfits.

The Need/Demand for smell-proof Bags:

When you are carrying items that do not attract unwanted attention, you are not required to use smell-proof bags. If you are carrying weeds, medicine, herbs, or food that people can smell, then a smell-proof suitcase is the right choice.

A smell-proof bag is always more expensive than an ordinary bag because of the textile and the technology used. It now depends on what you need.

Things to Know before buying:

Thing to know before buy smell proof bag

When you visit bag shops or search for bags on the internet, you’ll see a lot of bags with unique and handsome styling. However, don’t only trap yourself for the sake of looking good. You want to buy the smell-proof suitcase as well as the one that looks amazing.

You should always try to buy a good brand when buying a smell proof bag. Next, you should always read through the description paper. Whenever you see the bag has carbon lining technology on the description page, you should buy it.

In order to ensure the bag’s quality, test it with food or herbs and see if the smell is released or not.

Does A Dog Smell Through A Smell Proof Bag?

It is common in people that dogs can smell through your smell-proof container. This question increases people’s doubt about smell proof bags. Even if your best friend sometimes smells out what’s inside your odor-proof bag, a dog can’t figure out what’s in a smell-proof container.

On the other hand, if you have an ordinary bag, dogs will more likely sniff through it and find out what you have hidden.


In order to conclude our discussion of how smell proof bags work, let’s review a few facts. The first step is to make sure you buy a bag made from carbon lining technology, plastic-like medical grade, or hemp fiber.

The activated carbon technology ensures that you are 100% safe from unwanted people and attention. Because this feature will conceal the smell of your herbs and other items.

This kind of bag is most frequently used by dispensaries so they can transport their medicine and other equipment.

If you buy a bag made of plastic-like medical grade material, you are assured of your safety. The problem is that if your food items or herbs are releasing stronger smells than average, then you might attract unwanted attention. This kind of bag traps your items’ odor to some extent.

The bag that is manufactured with hemp fiber is somehow better than a plastic-like medical-grade one. As the fiber used is smell-concealing. But you can’t be sure one hundred percent, as in the case of activated carbon one.

As a summary, everything depends on your needs and items. If you have no odor-releasing items, you can use ordinary plastic bags or fiber bags.

In case your items are a little smelly, you can secure them with hemp fiber bags and plastic-like medical-grade bags. If your items spread more smell, like herbs and medicines, you can choose bags with activated carbon features.

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