20 Quality Stash And Best Smell Proof bags users buy in 2022

If you are a traveler and tired of smelly items or want to keep your household items in smell proof bags but do not know what to buy and where to buy which work as per expectations.

Here in this article I have gathered 20 most stylish and unique bags that are personally reviewed and tested by our team. These bags are 100% smell proof, affordable on price and best quality items.

Reviewing all the bags on Amazon website is almost impossible but we selected some of the best and recommended bags then after reviewing all those bags we finally selected these 20 smell proof bags for our users.

The smart and best smell proof bags are a significant technological advancement that helps the users keep anything they like inside it, first to avoid the odor restrained and second to make travelling safe and smooth.

It can be used whenever you want to hide your item’s smell from sneaky noses hence, not allowing people to know what you are carrying.

One main thing you need to keep in mind that we do not always need a smell proof bag to avoid smell going outside but we also need it to store and keep items safe from air and moisture. Hence we have reviewed many bags with different taste of travel, household and kitchen.







Extra Large Smell Proof Case


Herb Guard Smell Proof Case


FIREDOG Smell Proof Bag


Smell Proof Case for Herbs Coffee Oils


Herb Guard Smell Proof Bag


Discrete Smell Proof Odorless Bag


Smell Proof Bag Detachable Shoulder Strap


New 2021 Smell Proof Container


Dime Bags Padded Smell Proof Pouch


Formline Smell Proof Bag

Apart from these essential qualities, it does not allow your goods to lose their odor. We have found some other vital aspects of these stash bags that contain black color smell proof bags that do not let the light enter to disgrace the stash.  

The problem with old bags is that they allow the air and light to enter, which could change the odor of the herbs, dry fruits and change its color. There are carbon lined bags available as well in the market, which can hold the outside pressure and keep the stash inside safe.

Here are some products suggested for you.

1) Holographic 4*6 Large Stash And Smell Proof Bags Of Rainbow Color:

Holographic 4*6 Large Stash And Smell Proof Bags Of Rainbow Color

This bag is 6 cm wide and 4 cm wide and specially designed for your kitchen food items like your toffies to keep inside fresh. You can keep seeds, other small food items inside of this bag which will keep it fresh and away from air for long time as it is quality tested many times and proved 100%.

The FDA approved itwhich means there is no harm to keep herbs or other items inside it. It efficiently protects the smell from leaking and bad-smelling while keeping the quality of goods undisturbed. The most important thing about these stash bags is that they can be used multiple times. 

It has a transparent back which saves your time by identifying the thing inside it very quickly. Besides, each time you place an order, you will get 100 holographic stash and smelling bags.

User Story:

I was so tired of always having to replace my bags every few months because they would rip and tear. I needed something more durable that would last, and that’s exactly what I found with these bags.

They’re very reasonably priced, and they’ve been holding up great so far. No more ripped bags for me.

  • It is light-weighted.
  • It keeps the stash safe from any bacteria
  • It can keep goods for a longer time
  • The container comes in multiple colors.
  • Lastly, it is affordable and everyone can buy it.
  • It is not vision proof so if you do not properly hide it, people can see it being carried along
  • For efficient working, it must be properly sealed


  • No need to worry about its functions, as it has been approved by the FDA.
  • Being durable, it can serve for a very long time.
  • You can easily see through the container and save time.
  • It is available in 4*6 size.
  • It does not easily tear apart as it is very thick.

2) Best Smell Proof Helmet Head Bag With Lock Quality: 

Best Smell Proof Helmet Head Bag With Lock Quality

As I told you above in this article that we have mixed these things together to get a spicy touch. Here we are having a household items bag that is of good size to keep you clothes and other larger items safe, secure and smell proof.

It is one of the best smell-proof bags containing tons of different qualities with an extra lock. It has been designed in a way that it retains the smell inside its boundaries so hardly anyone can guess what’s inside.

Furthermore, it contains straps and a handle which makes it easy for the users to carry it along if you are changing its position or taking it outside for a travel.

This bag is made with an old fashioned design that suits old peoples or those who are already in their 40’s. Young people probably will not take too much interest in these kind of bags.

User Story:

This case is wonderful. It keeps the weed safe and saves me from having to carry it in a plastic bag or something similar. I love how the zipper is hidden, but the case still looks cool.

I’m very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone who wants protection from the elements.

Best Smell Proof Helmet Head Bag With Lock Quality
  • It can resist heat.
  • Its smell protection.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.
  • It contains sub-pockets as well.
  • It is light-weighted.
  • It is durable and has zipper.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Needs an updated version


  • Zip allows you to open and close it easily and makes it stand out from the rest of the pack.
  • Even the dog cannot guess what’s inside the bag by smelling it since it’s lined with carbon.
  • The product is water-resistant
  • It possesses a lock that makes the users keep things safe.
  • This bag does not let the smell/odor pass through.
  • It’s 7.5 inches tall, 11 inches wide, 2.5 inches deep.
  • There are sub-pockets inside that can be used for different purposes.

3) The Best Black Herdguard Smell Proof Bag With Lock Feature:

The Best Black Herdguard Smell Proof Bag With Lock Feature

Next bag in our collection is a little modern and this is specially designed for young generation with its beautiful dual lock for double protection and it has a wonderful design with mix of 2 colors.

This bag will suit your need if you want to travel long, and want to keep all your items in a safe place where there will be no need of many small bags and shoppers.

The Herdguard has solved the most worry-able question of the customer about items breaking inside the bag by having a new feature of holding on to pressure and keeping the items safe inside.

Moreover, this smell-proof bag contains an extra feature of lock which ensures protection and privacy to the users. These bags contain an inner shell that keeps the items fresh and safe. 

User Story:

I was pleasantly surprised by how big this lockable container is. I fit everything in here.

My silicone bong, my silicone pipe, my bubbler, two airtight containers, a grinder, my smokebuddy, and 3 lighters!!!

So much bigger than expected and easily removeable stationers. I can’t smell anything until I unzip it and the lock is super easy to work but great if you don’t want people in there!! Highly recommend!!

The Best Black Herdguard Smell Proof Bag With Lock Feature
  • It can hold any kind of accessories or other items up to 3 ounce.
  • It is highly durable.
  • The inner carbon used inside it when activated can take the smell of the items and do not let the smell spread.
  • It contains two types of lock mechanisms thus users can have two different types of passwords for better safety
  • It is not waterproof thus it must be carefully used in rain
  • There are no sub-pockets inside it


  • It contains a handle that makes it easy to carry along.
  • There is no stylish picture or any other logo on it thus makes it more formal
  • Children cannot use it because of two types of closure mechanisms.
  • Activated carbon provides odor-free quality and keeps things safe with its inner lining.
  • It contains a pressure control mechanism.
  • On top of it, there is a second layer of protection that keeps it safe.
  • It contains two locks at the top which are attached to each side of the bag.
  • The two lock mechanisms improve safety
  • The inner carbon lining absorbs any smell of the items inside it. 
  • It can hold up to 3 ounces of stash at one time.
  • It is 8.5 inches tall and 6.5 wide.

4) Best Smell Proof Bag With A Combo Lock Feature:

Best Smell Proof Bag With A Combo Lock Feature

We will not go too far with all bags until I give you taste of all different kind of collections. Here we have pouches.

Kids, Girls, school kids and young and old people all in one solution for there mobile phone and small accessories that they want to keep in their hands.

Herb Guard smell-proof bag with a combo lock is one of the best odour-proof bags designed with carbon fibre. The primary purpose of the carbon-fibre inner lining is to absorb the smell of the item.

It contains pores inside to capture the scent of herb or other things to thwart it from coming outside. Besides that, it also includes a Velcro seal which makes it a 100% odor-proof. 

It is stylistic and discrete in design which is attractive to customers. The best part about it is that you can carry it along easily. It contains a front pocket as well which can be used for items that you frequently need.

User Story:

This bag is great! I was always worried about someone getting into my bag because I had medication and personal items in it and I didn’t want anyone to find out.

Now I am comfortable leaving my bag in the open for someone to walk in and find it. The bag is lined with a silver foil on the inside which blocks all x-ray readers. It has a shoulder strap and a handle.

The inside has many compartments as well. There is only one small part that’s a little bit cheap. The Velcro that keeps the bag closed is Velcro as well. It’s a little hard to open and close but it’s a great bag.

Best Smell Proof Bag With A Combo Lock Feature
  • It is durable and can be used for longer term.
  • It is moisture and tear resistant feature as well.
  • It contains intertwining straps that are mainly designed to hold accessories effectively.
  • Removable handle.
  • It contains a lock.
  • It also has zipper.
  • There are no clear and evident pros and cons of this odor-proof bag


  • It is about 10 to 12 inches in size.
  • At one time you can carry 3 to 4-ounce dry fruits, herbs, or other important items.
  • This bag contains a removable handle and straps.
  • Carbon fiber inner lining makes it one of the best odor-proof bags and prevents the smell from being guessed by anyone.
  • It is made from premium 600D fabric.
  • This bag has an external zip as well as a pocket for frequently used items.
  • A lock can also be found on the exterior.
  • It is protected from ultraviolet rays
  • There is an extra feature of having an extra inner pocket as well which is used to hold your grinder card.

5) Premium Wide Mouth Dog Tested Smell Proof Bag With Double Zipper:

Premium Wide Mouth Dog Tested Smell Proof Bag With Double Zipper

This is a pro bag with a nice design and it will look prefect in hand while you are setting in a car or talking to people. this will keep your different small things safe and secure all at one place while you talk to people or travel.

The premium wide mouth dog tested bag is one of the best black smell-proof bags containing 25 packets in each unit. These odor-proof bags can be used to carry along goods and prevent the smell of inside items from spreading. 

They also have an extra feature of having a double zipper. The double-track zipper is heat sealable. It can secure food, medicines, herbs, organic and inorganic materials from the external surroundings and thus keeping them fresh and healthy.

User Story:

I like that this bag has decent capacity so I can put whatever I need inside of it. The bag is lightweight and easy to store, too. I’ve had no problems with the seal. I mainly use this bag to store catnip so my cat can enjoy a good sniff when I don’t have time to play.

I’ve put the catnip in airtight pouches, and then sealed them inside this bag. It is a challenge for my cat to find it, which I like because it keeps her from becoming distracted and running off on a wild chase.

Context: I use this bag for my cat’s medicine. I like the double seal for extra protection. I would recommend this bag for anyone who needs to protect an item from moisture.

Premium Wide Mouth Dog Tested Smell Proof Bag With Double Zipper
  • The premium wide smell proof bag includes a stylistic box
  • The weight of the bag is 6.7 ounces
  • The price is very affordable and everyone can buy it
  • It contains an extra thick material that prevents the smell
  • It is 5 inches tall and 6 ¼ inches wide
  • The bag may lose its smell protection quality after excessive usage
  • The design it has is not the best
  • The usable storage is slightly less as compared to other bags.


  • It contains a double-track zipper quality that prevents the smell.  
  • It allows you to keep accessories safe
  • The actual usable storage space is 5.75 * 3.5 inches.
  • It uses a very thick material that prevents the smell from leaking. 
  • The black coating outside is also UV rays resistant.

6) The Best Formalin Smell Proof Bag With Double Odor Proof Technology:

The Best Formalin Smell Proof Bag With Double Odor Proof Technology

Simple nice and perfect design to keep your items protected from being lost out. This smell proof pouch is having a special quality that is double lock feature.

Many people doubt having a single carbon inner lining for preventing odor spreading. To overcome this problem, the formalin smell proof bag has come up with a double odor-proof technology that functions better than others. It contains two activated carbon linings which prevents the smell from spreading outside.

Furthermore, Formalin is one of the best brands in the market whose products have been used for years. The users can easily store a couple ounces of herbs or other items.

It is made of an extra durable fabric which makes it tougher and can be used for a longer time. Also includes a hidden storage compartment which adds the feature of safety. It contains sub-pockets as well, which separate the stash from accessories.

User Story:

I needed a good, strong, durable bag to hold all my stuff, and this is definitely it! It keeps my weed, bong, and all my smoking related accessories odor proof, there is a nice little side pouch where I can store my pot and other things, and it is big enough to hold pretty much everything I need.

The only thing it didn’t come with was a rolling tray, but I use a piece of cardboard to roll on and it works fine. I looked around a lot before settling on this bag, and I’m very happy with my purchase! It’s well worth the price.

The Best Formalin Smell Proof Bag With Double Odor Proof Technology
  • It contains double fabric which makes it durable.
  • Double activated carbon linings
  • The brand is well known so there is no need to worry about quality
  • It also contains an extra hidden pocket.
  • There are no such evident cons of this bags


  • Size is 9 inches wide and 7 inches tall.
  • The bag is water-resistant
  • It contains a double lining of activated carbon which keeps the smell inside.
  • It also contains a private inner compartment as well, which is used for keeping things private.
  • It has a convenient handle as well.
  • It also contains some extra inner mesh pockets as well.

7) Sidekick Smell Proof Case With Combo Lock Sk9 Technology:

Sidekick Smell Proof Case With Combo Lock Sk9 Technology

This bag has a long strap to hang on shoulder and you can save a lot of energy hanging this bag on shoulder while walking.

The inside of this Smell Proof Case is spacious. Two Velcro dividers (2″)  inside are great for organizing everything. This product is reliable and will last many years with proper maintenance.

This combination scent proof case will protect your stash. It is ideal for smokers on the move. It’s weather- and odor-proof, with a strategically placed mesh pocket that provides extra odor control, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting through.

User Story:

I’m a big fan of this odor proof bag. I originally bought it for my dogs cooling pad but it works great for my lunch, too. The bag is very well put together and has multiple layers to protect the smell.

The bag has a permanent scent, but it’s not bad. There’s several zippers to ensure the smell stays in. The zipper has a combination lock to keep it closed and there’s a loop on the bag to keep it closed so it doesn’t pop open.

Overall this is a very convenient bag and I would recommend it to anyone.

  • It has interior filter barrier for extra odor control
  • It has tight fitting so protects items from shaking
  • Fully odour resistant
  • Great travel companion
  • The seal over the zipper might dry out and crack after a year.


  • Mesh pocket on exterior and interior
  • An odor- and weather-proof zipper
  • Technology based on activated carbon

8) Combo Lock New Kreepy Smell Proof Bag:

Combo Lock New Kreepy Smell Proof Bag

Kreepy Smell Proof Bags provide the best defense against unpleasant odors. These Smell Proof Bags are made with high-quality activated charcoal and filtering nonwoven fabric. This bag captures any unpleasant odors.

This is one of famous bags produced by this brand. a unique and smart with many small pieces of bags within it. user can track the number of items they want to keep for near use and for long time use and double protection you should use the small bags inside the large one.

The middle layer is made from durable fabric and carbon fiber composite material. The waterproof zipper is more effective at sealing the scents from releasing and water from entering, than ever before.

The bag also features electroplated zips on both ends, which gives it an edge over other bags in the same category. It is more secure and keeps your belongings safe.

User Story:

As a cannabis user, I want to be able to store my weed in a smell proof bag so that I can keep it fresh and discreet. The Code Lock Kreepy Smell Proof Bags are perfect for this!

They have a code lock feature that keeps the bag airtight and smell proof, and the clear window lets me see what’s inside.

  • It has anti-odor lining made of high quality durable fabric.
  • This bag has a zipper lock.
  • It has simple and beautiful appearance.
  • It is not coated so not 100% waterproof


  • High-density knitting with 300D
  • It has a waterproof zipper
  • Secure your private items with a password lock
  • It is suitable for containing pharmaceutical herbs as well

9) OZCHIN Smell Proof Bag and Odor Proof Bag Pouche:

OZCHIN Smell Proof Bag and Odor Proof Bag Pouche

OZCHIN Smell Proof Bags are made with carbon fiber technology. The fabric and odor absorbent material will preserve any unpleasant odors inside, keeping your items fresh and delicious.

This bags perfectly keep smell inside the bag and do not let the air come inside the bag so keeping food items too inside this bag is safe and secure.

The perfect bag is available in several affordable options: 7 inchx5 inch zip lock mesh bag; 10″x10″ fission seal food storage bags in 3 pieces; 8-inch x 12.25 inch waterproof carrying case. These bags are great for safekeeping and storage.

User Story:

I was at the grocery store the other day and I noticed that the produce I was buying was going bad really quickly. I asked the store clerk what was going on and they told me that the store had recently switched to using OZCHIN Smell Proof Bags and Odor Proof Bag Pouches for all of their produce.

They said that the bags keep produce fresher for longer. I was so excited to hear this that I went out and bought a bunch of the bags to use at home. Now I can keep my produce fresh for weeks at a time.

  • The smell proof bag is designed with advance carbon fiber technology.
  • It also keeps your items fresh
  • The appearance of the bag looks like a normal handbag which makes it decent
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty
  • No satisfactory cons were found


  • It has advanced technology of carbon fibers
  • An Oxford cloth with a 600D water-resistance
  • Includes a small combination lock

10) The Best Smell Proof bag With Grinder Card And A Lock Combination:

The Best Smell Proof bag With Grinder Card And A Lock Combination

This smell proof bag has dual lock and 2 beautiful small bags inside of it. this can give you more protection and tremendous smell proof quality.

This smell-proof bag with a grinder car and a lock combination has come from the helmet head. The bag is small in size but with tons of extra features. It makes your travelling significantly more manageable with a lightweight. 

This is designed with a dark black fabric and a helmet head logo on the front side. Besides that, it also contains a lock that keeps your stash, herbs, or other items safe. Furthermore, it includes a zipper, large wrist straps, and a handle.

User Story:

My boyfriend loves to smoke things! It’s his hobby and he likes to keep it fun to find new things to try.

So when I saw this pipe case I knew that I had to get it for my boyfriend. It had good reviews and I knew that he would really enjoy it.

I’m glad I got it for him. He has used it a lot and loves that he can keep his pipe cleaners, his travel tubes and all his smoking accessories all together in one place! It’s a very nice gift for a smoker!

The Best Smell Proof bag With Grinder Card And A Lock Combination
  • It contains tested carbon activated technology which keeps the odor inside and does not let people guess what’s inside
  • It contains a lock for ensuring the safety
  • It contains a zipper
  • It is durable and can be used for a longer time as well
  • There are no exterior pockets
  • The price is a bit higher as compared to other smell/odor-proof bags


  • Size is 11 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall.
  • Size is 11 inches wide and 7.5 inches tall.
  • It is water-resistant and keeps the items inside secure.
  • It is also weatherproof and can be used in any weather.
  • It also contains a grinder card with a lock combination to ensure safety.
  • Contains a zipper feature with a Velcro enclosure. 
  • The users can use a few ounces of items.
  • There are mesh dividers which makes the user keep things separate inside the bag. 
  • It contains carbon activated lining due to which even dogs can’t find what’s inside.
  • It is heat and cold resistant.

11) Odor Proof Firedog Stash Bag:

Odor Proof Firedog Stash Bag

One of the famous small bags produced by firedog company, this bag is one of its own kind and this is one of the oldest bag produced by firedog as smell proof.

The firedog is one of the best brands in the market of smell-proof bags, which provides the intelligent and stylish odor-proof feature. It also ensures to keep your items inside safe. It is mainly designed of ultra-soft PU leather which does not easily tear apart. 

Furthermore, it contains two portions that are used to easily separate items. The lock feature it has keeps the items safe by ensuring their safety.

The activated carbon also keeps the smell trapped inside. It absorbs the moisture, odor of the items and does not let anybody guess what’s inside.

User Story:

I recently lost my husband, and I wanted to celebrate who he was. He loved to read. He always had a book, magazine or newspaper in his hands.

This was a great way to combine my love of my husband and my love of reading. I was able to include a poem, some of the things that I loved about him, and some of his favorite things to read.

I also included some photos of him with books, or reading. It really is a great way to celebrate someone you love. I also thought that I would be able to give my children a nice keepsake for when they are older. Thanks for making a great product!

Odor Proof Firedog Stash Bag
  • Soft leather has the potential to firmly stand against water and moisture
  • Smell absorbing feature due to activated carbon
  • Can carry coffee, dried fruits, tea, etc
  • 100% satisfactory service
  • It has military guard lock system
  • Tight seal zipper on both sides
  • Though there are no clear cons but you must remember your password


  • Stash bags contain activated carbon which keeps the smell inside and also absorbs moisture. 
  • It is made of leather which does not tear apart. 
  • It consists of two apartments inside which are used to separate things from each other. 
  • This bag also contains a lock feature as well which allows you to keep your things private. 
  • Firedog bag is tear and moisture resistant
  • Its material is tough so it does not tear apart easily.
  • It can be carried in the rain as it is water-resistant.

12) Free Boy Odor Proof Stash Bag with Combination Lock:

Free Boy Odor Proof Stash Bag with Combination Lock

This free Boy Stash Bag will help you get organized. This innovative odor-proof bag is made from durable fabric and lined using premium activated carbon. You can store all your items inside. It’s perfect for any trip, whether you’re going on a road trip or heading into the office.

Clean design, modern look and nice fashionable carry, this bag helps you keep your items and look new and young.

Keep it fresh and safe when you carry your grinder, rolling tray or pipes, lighters, vape, or other goods that may have an unpleasant odor.

It is an airtight bag, prevents smells from getting through, and keeps your items safe inside. Cleaning it up is also very easy.

User Story:

After buying a lot of other bags that promised some things they failed to deliver on, I bought this one and was skeptical at first.

I ordered another popular smell proof bag with Velcro dividers that was just too small. It was even smaller than the pictures made it look like, which was a surprise to me.

This bag is bigger than it looked in the pics, I was pleasantly surprised by that. I can hold all my stuff in it (grinders, jars, rolling papers, lighters, etc.). The Velcro is high quality and gives a nice seal, which is important.

The combination lock is really easy to use and works great. In my opinion, this is a fantastic bag, especially for the price and I highly recommend it!

Free Boy Odor Proof Stash Bag with Combination Lock
  • Premium activated carbon.
  • It keeps your valuables safe and protected.
  • It has two divider mesh pockets to keep things organized.
  • It is small and lightweight
  • It is portable, so can fit in a duffel bag or attach on a backpack easily.
  • Made using 100% premium materials
  • Not recommended for keeping your accessories
  • Velcro sticks to the mesh lining inside of the bag


  • Made of durable fabric and lined with premium activated carbon
  • This bag is smell proof
  • It has code-protected lock system
  • A durable, high-quality material

13) Best Quality Smell Proof And Waterproof Bag:

Best Quality Smell Proof And Waterproof Bag

This smell proof bag will keep your accessories fresh, clean and protected. This Smell Proof bag is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere, including home, work, or travel. It offers maximum protection for expensive products.

Large bag with many features, like long stripe, dual lock, tubes and 1 uv glass jar too keep your items in check against every conditions and all kind of items you can keep with in it

The bag’s durable construction ensures that it lasts for a longer time. This seal-set design will keep everything safe from prying eyes and wandering hands.

User Story:

I just received this bag yesterday and I love it! I was looking for a discreet smell proof bag for my pipe and weed, and this one is perfect.

It’s very roomy and there is plenty of room, but it’s still not too big. I love all the sections it has and I got the 7 chamber one and I love the way it zippers.

The stitching is all nice and even, this is a very high quality bag and I’m super happy with it. The lock and key are nice and convenient as well, an all around great purchase, I will definitely be ordering another one soon.

Best Quality Smell Proof And Waterproof Bag
  • Advanced Thickened Carbon Linings.
  • This smell proof bag has 1 shoulder strap.
  • Advanced water proof coating.
  • 3-digit combination lock
  • It’s larger than normal smell proof bags in the market
  • Not 100% effective in smell proof, but does the job.


  • Carbon technology with 8 layers
  • Includes one smell proof box, one grinder, one UV glass stash jar, three stink proof bags, and two doob tubes
  • It offers maximum protection against odors

14) Best Travel Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock:

Best Travel Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock

It can be difficult to find the right container for strong-smelling items like medicines and edibles. The Best Travel Smell Proof bag is the solution to all your problems. The odorless, smell-proof bag measures 8.5×5.5×4.5 inches and can be used to store medical supplies, perfume, or garlic bread.

Again we come to large bags which is a nice white color good for sun travel, when you are traveling in open air and bright sun.

This stylish and reusable storage bag is puncture-proof so that nothing leaks during transit or when it’s stored at home. You can keep your products fresh with its moisture repellent features.

User Story:

I travel quite a bit and I needed a bag to keep my items from being confiscated when I had to check my bag. I bought the black and it is the perfect color for a man’s bag.

It Looks great. I save some of my herbal products for when I travel and this bag will work great for my small items and large glass pieces. Plenty of room in the large areas and smaller areas for smaller items.

The line will be perfect to put my liquids in since they have to be in a bag. A lot of great compartments. I would recommend this bag to a friend and I would buy it again without any hesitation.

Best Travel Smell Proof Bag with Combination Lock
  • No odors will break out from this odor proof bag.
  • 8 activated carbon fiber layers.
  • It has a water-resistant nylon fabric.
  • The easy-set and powerful combination lock.
  • It is reusable and helping save money
  • It is mildly water resistant.
  • It’s possible to unzip a tiny little bit when locked and the smell can escape


  • Keeps your stash items fresh with advanced carbon linings
  • Contains a large amount of internal space
  • Combination lock with strong security

15) Firedog Odor Proof Case Of 5 Items:

Firedog Odor Proof Case Of 5 Items

Firedog is one of the best brands that provide an odour-proof case with activated carbon, absorbing the smell and keeping the items safe and secure. It is made of ultra-soft PU leather which provides resistance to any external damage. The PU leather keeps the things inside safe. 

Moreover, the user can keep medicine and other needed items for a long time and can carry them along without any burden due to its lightweight. Apart from all these qualities, it won’t bend.

User Story:

I was in need of a new stash bag. I love the soft feel of the fabric, the soft pink lined interior, the pockets, and the extra padding that makes a hard 30″ carry on bag feel like a padded inner tube.

This is the best stash bag ever. Definitely worth the buy.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Can be carried from place to place
  • It is light- weighted
  • Won’t be broken down easily
  • Store up to 109mm
  • It can be put in another bag
  • There are multiple compartments as compared to other bags.


  • Made from PU leather which is resistant to any kind of external damage.
  • It has three chamber designs. 
  • It is durable and can last for a longer time.
  • It does not easily bend down.
  • Can be used to carry cigarettes, medicine, or other important items.
  • Contains activated carbon which absorbs moisture and smell.

16) Smell Odor Proof Case Travel Storage Bags:

Smell Odor Proof Case Travel Storage Bags

The industry’s most innovative technology and highest quality product, the smell proof bag, is the best. These bags are durable, eco-friendly and made from thickened carbon linings. They will keep your stash items safe and fresh.

The 8 layers of activated carbon fiber are lined with water-proof nylon and rubber fabric, which locks the odor inside. Two separate zippered bags protect the inside of the Smell Proof Bag.

The activated carbon is best for absorbing the smell in it self. but most important thing is to clean the bag well for next time use.

The one side is closed to protect tamping tools, papers and Clements. Other panels are open so you can store your buds without any problems inside.

User Story:

This bag is awesome! It works just like it says. No odors come through in the bag. I didn’t buy this thinking it would hide my medicine from my dog, but I liked the fact that it said it was dog proof, so I thought it would be good for traveling.

The bag is also very secure. You can change the combo to lock or unlock it. There are a lot of competitors out there, but I just picked the first one I saw and was very pleased with it.

Odor Proof Case Travel Storage Bags
  • Advanced Thickened Carbon Linings.
  • No odor can break out from this Smell proof bag.
  • Advanced water proof coating.
  • 100% odor proof.
  • You can use them as medicine container.
  • The obvious lack of attention to details raises serious concerns about their craftsmanship and product quality


  • Water resistant and has 8 layers of carbon fiber
  • Lock with a powerful combination 
  • Bags designed to prevent odors from leaking out

17) Hand-Held Smell Proof Bag:

Hand-Held Smell Proof Bag

The Hand-Held Smell Proof bag is made of durable fabric and activated carbon to neutralize unpleasant and foul odors. You can use the bag for storing food, cigarettes, and other strong-smelling items.

This is one of great color pouch among all smell proof bags, this also keeps 5 small bags and a highly secured lock with a jar to keep you small powders.

This bag is protected from odors thanks to a special process. This bag is ideal for products with strong odors.

User Story:

I’ve been using these bags for a while now and they are AWESOME. I have the 1/8, 2/8 and 2g size and they are perfect.

The zipper is a bit weird but gets easier to use after every bag. The Velcro is super strong so even if you don’t zip it all the way down it still won’t come open. The bags are super discreet and can fit everything in them easily.

I’ve found that if you fold the top of the bag over the zipper it holds everything in place so perfectly and I’ve never had anything fall out of the bag.

Hand-Held Smell Proof Bag
  • Made of durable fabric.
  • Lined with premium activated carbon.
  • Keep your valuables safe and protected.
  • It has two divider mesh pockets to keep your things organized.
  • Easy to carry.
  • They offer 100% satisfaction service
  • No such cons available


  • High-density knitting of 300D
  • An effective waterproof zipper 
  • More privacy protection ensured through a password lock
  • It is suitable for containing pharmaceutical herbs

18) Discrete Odorless Bag with Combination Lock:

Discrete Odorless Bag with Combination Lock

The Discrete Odorless Bag is ideal for all your travel needs. The bag is 8-layer carbon technology protected against harsh odors and includes pockets for everything you might need during a trip. They are easy to transport so the bag does get in your backpack or luggage conveniently while you travel.

This travel bag is of very cool color and design. This bag provides use a long stripe that is comfortable for usage and user can keep it over the shoulder while on travel.

This new design is stylish, sleek and concealable to other passengers when you fly. The zipper lock allows for discretion and prevents items from getting stale in places such as backpacks and gym bags.

User Story:

I typically don’t like placing reviews on Amazon.com, but I just have to review this product! I was browsing their website and found this little beauty.

I had to have it. It was aesthetically pleasing, it was $30, and I had a $10 off coupon. This was a risk that I was ready to take.

I was skeptical at first, but I’m glad I got this product. I recommend this to people of all ages! It’s a very fun way to keep your keys, and it’s made well. I’m not sure how it’ll hold up after a lot of use, but as of now, it’s worth your $30.

Discrete Odorless Bag with Combination Lock
  • 8-layer advanced carbon technology
  • No Escape for smells.
  • Simple combination lock.
  • The bag is flawlessly efficient in quality & design.
  • Easy to use stripes
  • The flexible compartment.
  • Difficult to lock if you are in a hurry


  • A Smell Proof Case with a Variety of Applications
  • Light grey color, heavy-duty zipper, premium materials
  • 2 foil pouches with re-sealable & removable dividers

19) Smell Proof Hemp Pouch- Dime Bags With Interior Pockets:

Smell Proof Hemp Pouch- Dime Bags With Interior Pockets

The carbon lines smell-proof dime bags are among the best brands that provide the user with tons of features. This smell proof bag is mainly designed to resist fading and maintains its color for a longer time.

A pouch that has not much features but the fiber used in this bags is specially imported from far away countries just to design this kind of bag with is modern look fashionable and smell proof too.

Besides that, the hemp material is also damage resistant and can firmly stand alone to any weather or physical harm. 

The best part which differentiates it from the rest of bags is its softness, thus it can keep glass or other delicate items safe. Furthermore, the activated carbon absorbs any smell released by the objects and keeps it trapped inside.

User Story:

I love this bag! I have a Yocan Evolve Plus and it fits perfectly. I wanted something that fit it really well and was sturdy. Everything about this bag is perfect.

The screen protector on the front came a little messed up with little tiny bubbles but nothing that actually affects it in any way. I was overly excited for the stickers, but sadly I didn’t get any.

I would love to see different color options in the future maybe? Overall I’m very happy with this purchase!

Smell Proof Hemp Pouch- Dime Bags With Interior Pockets
  • It is durable
  • Can firmly stand to any kind of physical damage
  • Portable
  • The color lasts for a longer time
  • Contains zip which is used to keep things safe
  • There are no sub-compartments to separate things


  • Its size is 7 inches.
  • It is made from a material called hemp.
  • It comes in many attractive colors.
  • Resistant to color fading. 
  • The material is durable and can be used for a longer time as well.
  • The users can keep delicate items or glass safe inside.
  • It contains a zipper feature that keeps your items safe.
  • The pouch can be attached to any other bag or purse as well.
  • It contains activated carbon which absorbs the smell and prevents it from leaking.

20) Dog Tested Drag8n Smell Proof Bags:

Dog Tested Drag8n Smell Proof Bags

Dog tested Drag8n smell proof bags are stylish and odor-free. These sleek, durable bags can be used to store all your gadgets, thanks to reinforced zippers and Velcro.

A pouch made for women is very smell proof and we have personally tested and reviewed this pouch for batter use and good quality.

This compact bag has a few tricks up its sleeves that will keep your items smelling fresh. This bag is perfect for organizing your bathroom cabinets or drawers at home, whether you are going on a vacation or simply need to organize your stuff.

User Story:

The smell proof bag feels thick and solidly built. The carbon lining does its job well, as does the double seal it has. Zipper is very secure and the Velcro is nice and strong too.

The smell proof bag’s size is great, perfect for storing my herbs and returning the smell back to my backpack. The price is fantastic too, and I’m sure I’ll be buying more of these for my friends.

Dog Tested Drag8n Smell Proof Bags
  • Made of 300D polyester
  • Activated carbon odor technology
  • Reinforced zipper and Velcro.
  • Compact 6” x 7” size.
  • Made of highest quality materials
  • It is a lightweight travel bag
  • Portable
  • No such cons found


  • 300D polyester and lined with activated carbon odor technology
  • Multi-purpose waterproof bags

Find Out Best Smell Proof Containers Review.


The smell/odor proof bag is the best step taken in the light of technology to solve the most occurring problem of carrying needed items, foods, etc. while traveling from one place to another without anybody noticing.

It keeps the goods, medicines, herbs and dried fruits, etc. for safe for a longer time and do not let bacteria alter their original taste. Besides that, it contains the activated carbon, mainly used to absorb any smell or moisture released by inside items. So again, it has solved this problem, and people can easily carry their items along to crowded and closed places. 

Furthermore, these bags contain sub-compartments that are mainly used to keep different items at one time separated from one another.

They also include the lock feature and a hidden compartment as well which is used to keep private things safely. The lock does not allow anyone to open your bag thus ensuring your items security and privacy.

Here you can find out how smell proof bags work and what you can do to make your  apartment and room smell proof.

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions):

Best Smell proof bags

Q1) Does the product completely absorb the smell?

The odor/smell-proof bag contains activated carbon to absorb the scent and moisture and keep the smell inside. Besides that, the zip feature also does not allow the smell to be guessed by people around. 

Q2) Does the lock keep things safe?

Most people are hesitant about their privacy and do not want others to check on their items. So the smell proof contains a feature of lock, which allows the user to have a password of their own to keep things private.

People can’t open without a password. Furthermore, there is a hidden inner compartment that is used to keep things confidential. People can’t even notice it. 

Q3) How to choose the design and size of smell proof bags?

The answer to this question is linked with the customer’s requirements. The users first look at their requirements and then choose accordingly.

There are different kinds of bags. Everyone with their extra features. Some provide extra sub-compartments, while some with lock features and a hidden compartment. It is best to choose according to your requirement.  

Q4) Does the material have any guarantee?

Some bags are made from PU leather which is famous for any physical damage. So there is no need to worry about it.

Furthermore, the outer lining of the bag is made of a durable material and can be used for the long term. It can firmly stand alone in any weather without losing its strength. We guarantee customer’s satisfaction and physical resistance. 

Q5)  What are some other features of the aforementioned products?

ALTHOUGH many features are mentioned above, some other miscellaneous features include mesh pockets,  grinder card, zip feature, double lock, etc. All these features attract the user and make it easy for the customer to choose the best accordingly. 

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